Should Your Teen Take A Public Speaking Course?

By Full Editorial

As a parent, there are going to be many valuable lessons you will want to teach your child about becoming responsible. As you guide your child through the different challenges and obstacles they will face, it is going to be important that you help them build their self confidence. If you truly want to see your child flourish and mature, then helping them develop a sense of self-esteem and belief in themselves is going to be vital towards this goal.

Outdoor activities such as sports and camping are great ways you can bond with your teen while helping them learn the importance of responsibility. But many parents are now enrolling their child in public speaking courses. The reason being is because when your child enters college and begins their career, they will be required to give presentations and speak in public. Because so many people are deathly afraid of public speaking, many parents are trying to help their child overcome this at an early age by putting them in a public speaking course. In fact, some parents are actually doing the program with them as well!

Taking a public speaking course or purchasing a book on public speaking is a great way for you to learn different techniques and gather tips on how to become a great public speaker. Choosing a public speaking course isn’t always easy. There are so many different courses offered by different people that it’s hard to find a good, reputable course that you know will help you. No one wants to invest money in something that is not certain to bring results. So how exactly can you make sure you find the right course for your family?

According to, you want to make sure that the course you are about to take is one led by a real professional speaker. There are many courses out there that are taught by theorists who have never really spoken themselves. It is always best to learn from a real speaker that has experience and success in speaking to large crowds.

Second, you want a public speaking course that will teach you step-by-step the fundamentals of writing a speech and developing your own message. Many instructors never teach you how to come up with your own personal message. They just give you a template to follow and stop at that. It’s more important to be able to convey your message, not someone else’s.

Lastly, “You want to find an instructor that explains why certain techniques work” suggests John Rogan from “Just knowing that something works isn’t as helpful as knowing why. By knowing why it works, you can develop a better understanding of the technique and make better use of it.” You can take that understanding and apply it in new situations, continually improving your public speaking skills.

A public speaking course will help your child become a better speaker, but each course is designed for different types of people. Although it might take some time, find a course that fits these guidelines to help your child prepare for college and their career.