4 quick hacks to add touches of summer to the home

By admin

It might not feel it in the current environment but believe it or not, summer is around the corner.

At the moment, we are all trying everything we can to introduce normality into our lives. We keep being told about the new normal but for some of us, we want a piece of the old (in the safest way possible, we should add).

One of these ways surrounds our home. We are naturally spending more (if not all) of our time there and as such, it needs to work harder than ever before to become a source of pride. Becoming frustrated with rooms and ornaments is certainly not helpful at the present time.

One easy way to add a sense of “ahhh” (if that was ever a term) is by bringing summer into the home. If we were to turn to the old clichés, this is apparently the most joyous season of them all. This needs to be replicated in our homes, which is what the remainder of today’s post is going to be all about.

The quickest touch of all – turn to flowers

We said that this post would focus on hacks for the home and this first point most certainly falls into this category.

Flowers can add a sense of vibrancy, excitement and exoticness into a home – all of the attributes that are associated with the warmer months.

Some are better than others during this time of the year and some common favorites are violets, orchids and lilies.

We recently came across Avas Flowers which stocked all of these types, as well as many others. There are quite a few Avas Flowers coupons doing the rounds at the moment, while the following provides some inspiration which Avas Flowers have been posting on social media.

Window furnishings can make the world of difference

This next tip is a little more drastic but is one that a lot of people regularly act upon. Just like most of us have Christmas decorations, some of us make seemingly semi-permanent changes to our home at other times of the year. Window dressings fall into this category.

For example, in winter, curtains are a godsend. They tend to be thick, bulky and retain as much heat as they can.

When summer comes, we want the opposite though. We want fabrics that feel airy, light and make the most of the natural daylight. This is when sheer curtains or blinds can come into the mix and add a degree of openness into the home.

You don’t have to have a new pair every year but alternating between the same couple of versions through the year can do wonders for a summer mood.

Add a lick of paint

The thought of constantly turning to DIY decorating might make some of you squirm, but for others it might epitomize a summer routine.

Summer is more synonymous with bright, vibrant shades and if you can add pops of colors to walls here and there, you will notice the world of difference.

You don’t have to do it to every room, but adding a turquoise wall here, or a blush pink wall elsewhere, can be the key to unlocking summer in a select few spaces of your home.

It can sometimes just come to fruit

OK, this final tip probably won’t have much oomph on its own, but sometimes it comes down to the small details. Simply placing your fruit bowl, full to the brim of citrus, in a more prominent position in your house can be another key to invite summer in.

It’s all about bringing vibrant shades to a room and ultimately, ridding it of the darkness and coziness that tends to be turned to during the cooler months.