Why Families Should Play Sports Together

By admin

To maintain a happy, healthy family environment, you need to set a happy, healthy example to your children. There are many elements besides health that play a major role in keeping the family happy, but one of the most important ways to strengthen that bond is by playing sport. Here’s the top five reasons why families should play sport together:

  • More exercise for everyone

Sports are a great way of burning those dreaded calories without even realising it! Going to the gym is hard work, but if you are focused on a game and beating your opponents/family members, you are more likely to shed some pounds without even noticing the hard work you are putting in. It is better to do this instead of painstakingly checking the amount of kilometres you have run every five seconds.

  • Fun

Sports are universally accepted as fun for all ages. Depending on the age of the people partaking in family activities, some sports may be more suitable than others, but there are always a wide array of sports to suit the whole family. Even if grandparents can’t take part, sitting and watching everyone play around during a game of footie is enough to feel involved!

  • Family bonding

Not only can you have fun together by playing sports, but the time you spend together playing sport is also precious bonding time. Sports offer something to talk about in your downtime, who had a good game, how a certain person could improve their game (I’m talking to you mum). It may also offer incentives for the children to take an interest in a sport outside of school that the whole family can go to and watch them play.

  • Cheap

We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with spending a few quid on some quality family entertainment, but if you are willing to pay the one time cost for some kid’s football nets or badminton racquets, it will save you from splashing out on lessons and it means that all the family can get involved.