Are expensive E-Liquids worth it?

By Digital Team

Should you buy the cheapest vaporizer juice that you can find, or is it worth spending a bit more money? 

This is a question that many new vapers will have to face.

One of the main reasons people give up smoking is to save money, but vaping can be just as expensive. So is there any need to splash the cash? 

Yes: Cool Flavours 

There are so many flavours on the market, many of them will make you tempted, but others will simply make you say “Why?”. 

Many of the cheaper brands will have a more limited selection of flavours, usually covering tobacco, and some of the more common fruits. 

However, pricier brands will have loads of flavours. You can get vapes that taste like Ice Cream, bacon, branded sweets, and almost anything else you can imagine. If you want their yummy or wacky flavours, you might not have a choice but to spend the extra money. 

However, if just some simple fruit will make you happy, there’s no need. 

No: Same Ingredients 

Most of the time, the ingredients are going to be the same. They’re going to be synthetically produced flavourings made to resemble whatever the label on the bottle is. 

If they’re going to be made from the same stuff, it will make sense that you wouldn’t pay more than you need to. There’s no point in spending money on one thing when you can get something which is the same for a lower price. 

However, this may vary from brand to brand. 

Yes: Ethically sourced 

Many of you reading this will be concerned about where your products come from. You’ll be worried about the number of trees that had to be cut down to be able to grow your produce and the conditions of the workers who made them. 

Most of the time, buying a product which is ethically sourced is going to mean spending a bit more money. For some people, this extra money is going to be worth it as they’ll know that because they paid a bit extra, someone will be able to feed their family. Some trees are going to be able to stay standing. 

No: Serves a purpose 

Almost all of the products we buy are going to serve a purpose. If you buy a drink, the purpose is that it won’t make you thirsty anymore. 

And when you buy an E-Liquid, the purpose is going to be to have something yummy that stops you from smoking.

If this purpose can be met with a $2 product or a $200 product, it might strike some as odd to be spending the $200 when the $2 can do the same job, and just as well. 

There may be some snobs who say otherwise, but at the end of the day, a vape is a vape. 

Yes: Better Quality 

This final one is up for debate. And that is that the more expensive stuff is going to be of better quality. 

If you’re going to be spending more money, it would be wise to ask yourself what you’ll be getting for this extra money. And if you find that the more expensive stuff has better reviews than the cheap stuff, it could be worth thinking about spending more for a product that has shown to be more popular. 

However, you may need to ask if there are other reasons for the good reviews. 


I’m not in the business of telling other people what to do. I don’t mind if you go for the cheaper stuff or the more expensive stuff. The only point of this article is to help you to gain a better understanding of why you may or may not want to spend extra money on your E-Liquids.