Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain after Serving: Becoming an Active Parent Again

By jacob

After you’ve done your service to the military, you are sometimes left with chronic pain because of the stress you put on both your body and mind while in the armed forces. 

You’re not alone. Studies have been done that state many veterans are affected by it. The experts at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says that veterans have more back pain, joint pain, migraines, neck pain, and jaw pain compared to the rest of the population. 

If you’re a parent with young children, this can be extremely hard to cope with because you want to be there running around with them. There is hope, though! We have put together ways to reduce your pain so that you can get back into action with your family. 

Natural Supplements 

If you don’t want to be reliant on a prescription drug for the rest of your life, there are many effective natural remedies to use to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin are naturally found in our bodies. They act as fluid around our joints, so there is less friction, and they move more comfortably. A supplement can help reduce chronic pain if it’s precisely in your joints. 

Palmitoylethanolamide occurs naturally in our bodies as well. It’s a fatty acid amide that connects to a nuclear receptor, which treats chronic pain at a cellular level. When we have an imbalance with our palmitoylethanolamide, that’s when we get chronic inflammation. Taking this pea supplement for pain can normal our levels and reduce any hurt. 

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can reduce back pain. The most common way to take it is as a fish oil pill, which contains essential vitamins, and two crucial Omega-3s, eicosapentaenoic acid, and docosahexaenoic acid. There are also other great benefits from Omega-3 fatty acids which include, reducing the risk of heart attack, lowering blood triglyceride levels, and lowering blood pressure. 

There are many more supplements to consider when trying to fight chronic pain, but we feel these are some you can start with. It’s always essential to talk with your doctor before taking any natural supplements because they can interact with prescription drugs you are already taking. 

Physical Therapy 

If you have time and are willing to put in the work, physical therapy can result in permanent relief from suffering. It works by strengthening the muscles around the joints or inflamed areas. You will learn what stretches help you relax and what exercises to do to become stronger. 

Physical therapy also works by teaching you proper movements to do to put less strain on inflamed joints. The physical therapist will show you how to massage, when to use heat or ice, and other techniques to make your life pain free.

Once you’re feeling better with your supplement use and physical therapy sessions, it’s a great idea to do some light exercise on your own to help chronic pain. Being at rest for too long can increase pain and stiffness. Exercise releases endorphins, which is the body’s way to fight pain naturally. 


Chronic pain is a result of chronic inflammation. One of the most significant ways we can fight it is by choosing a diet that reduces inflammation. 

Some of the worst foods you can eat are sugar, trans fats, refined or white carbohydrates, vegetable oil, processed meats, and alcohol in excessive amounts. 

Foods that fight inflammation are fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish. If you increase your intake of these foods and reduce your consumption of the wrong ones, you can start feeling a difference within a week. 

Psychological Therapy 

We must all have healthy minds to enjoy a healthy life. You can feel chronic pain because of stress, sadness, excessive anger, or frustration. Having some problems with mental health is a common side effect of serving in the military. 

If you feel that your pain comes from your mental state, you must seek psychological treatment to treat your chronic suffering. Lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, problems adjusting to normal life, conflicts with work, or your relationships can all make your pain worse. 

Treatment can reduce these symptoms and give you ways to cope with your life after serving. 

The Bottom Line  

After you finish your honorable service to our country, you should be able to live life pain-free with your family. Asking for help with this is something that a lot of veterans do, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. 

Taking natural supplements, going to physical therapy, changing your diet, or seeking psychological treatments can be used separately or can work together to reduce your inflammation and chronic pain. 

Now you can get out there and be the active parent your children deserve.