Making a Home Safe for Toddlers

By jacob

Having little ones around means that your home needs to be made extra safe for them. We can’t watch them 24 hours a day, even if we try to. There are a few things we can put in place to make sure they are kept out of harm’s way, though. 

Read on to see what you can do to protect your toddler and avoid any possible unwanted trips to the ER.

Stair Gates

Many accidents happen when kids fall down the stairs. It can take a while for your toddler to be sure on their feet, and stairs pose a significant challenge to them, especially when coming down. Toddlers are also curious and want to explore, so it’s not unusual for them to enjoy trying to go up and down.

If you aren’t watching, though, an accident can happen in seconds. Keep these out of bounds unless you are with them by using stair gates. You can also use these for other areas you want to keep them out of like the kitchen. 

Cover Sharp Corners

Plenty of children have split their heads open by a hit on the corner of a table. A lot of dining tables are head height, and you know best how your toddler runs around without a care in the world, and without really looking where they are going. 

It’s very easy nowadays to find gadgets that cover the corners to prevent damage. Some people even cover small coffee tables with thick blankets, to at least soften the blow. Whatever you do, do something. The thought of a little one running into a corner makes us cringe!

Keep Floors Clear

This can be a little tough when your child is playing all day long and continuously getting more toys out. Have a toy box in each room that you can quickly throw everything into. As long as the floor is clear, they won’t be able to fall over anything. 

It’s also a great clean up idea in case guests are coming over (or hire a maid service). Your home will look spotless in minutes, and no one will know it looked like a tornado hit the room moments before. There are a lot of beautiful furniture pieces available now that can be used to hide toys in. 

Move Furniture Away From Windows and Secure Cupboards

Your curious toddler will open anything they can, so windows are now a significant hazard. If you have a sofa by a window, move it away. Or, if you can lock it so that tiny hands can’t open it. 

You’ll also want to invest in gadgets that lock kitchen cabinets. A lot of items in there can be dangerous to a small child, such as sharp objects, little things they could put in their mouths, and glass that they could shatter. 

Check Your Home for Hazards

As well as the more obvious steps to take, it would help if you did a sweep of your whole house to make sure it’s safe for the kids and the entire family. Sometimes dangers are hiding in places we don’t tend to look. 

One of those is the roof. If it isn’t well maintained, it can actually do a lot of damage to the health of those in the home. The roofing company Richmond Hill states that if you’re not sure of the state of your roof, you should get a professional estimate and recommendation for the next stage. The same goes for any other part of your home your not so familiar with. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Keep Your Little Ones Away From Danger

So, if you don’t want to be spending the day in the emergency room, we recommend you follow this advice and do anything you can to keep your toddler safe. The period doesn’t last long, and you’ll be glad you did all you could to help them stay happy and healthy.