True, Smart Cordless Charging That Works

By Greg Trim

You think you have it good now bringing several cords to work and plugging in several electronic devices on your desk?  Maybe for you it’s easy to have multiple cords getting tangled up in front of you – but for most of us it’s a distraction that takes away from our focus.  Imagine a time where your workspace is truly cordless, your devices charge while sitting on your desk, and your workspace is uncluttered.  Does this seem like a dream that enables exceptional productivity and removes all your charging stress?   It isn’t a dream, it’s DeepCharge.  Your new best friend.

DeepCharge is a Boston-based startup with patented technology that turns any physical desktop – or surface — into an intelligent charging station that can charge as many devices as you like – without wires.  Oh, and the most important part of this story – their technology is proven, has been deployed, and it works.

Yousof Naderi is the CEO and Co-Founder of DeepCharge.   Together, Naderi and his Co-Founder Kaushik Chowdhury created DeepCharge when they realized something needed to change in the wireless charging market.  In other words, wireless charging needed to be just that – wireless.  They had the courage to try to simplify our lives and enable us to work smarter, better, and more productively.  Today, his products “enable a world where ordinary surfaces transform into charging surfaces.”  

This didn’t happen by accident.  It took years of research and development to create the DeepCharge technology.  As Professors at Northeastern University, Naderi and Chowdhury have access to some of the world’s leading research and development labs.  That’s where they made their vision a reality.  Today, the company has patented technology that has won prestigious awards (and grants), and their products have been successfully deployed in multiple organizations outside the University. 

Naderi and his team realized early on in their development process that they would need to break the typical dependence on coil alignment to make DeepCharge truly wireless and device agnostic, and that’s exactly what they did.  Instead, they designed charging pads, or DeepCharge Energy Tiles, that are placed under the desk.  The DeepCharge system is integrated into furniture and will work with any wireless device that does not require coil alignment.  If you’re confused – think smart phone, laptop, iPad, and a host of other devices.  DeepCharge can also turn your desktop computer into a wireless device!  

What’s more, the DeepCharge team isn’t only focused on charging.  Instead, they realized the impact their products have on employee productivity, downtime, operational costs, and even the creative process.  With DeepCharge installations, companies can now empower their employees to break their dependence on cords and focus more on what matters most.  In fact, a host of studies have shown that there is a significant impact to the bottom-line when devices are charged versus when their batteries drain.  

If you believe productivity is about wages or salaries, you’re wrong.  Experts agree that is about the amount you can accomplish in a pre-determined time.  Therefore, there is an obvious correlation between productivity and almost every budget line item in a business.  That’s why it’s easy to understand why more productive employees have a significant impact on everything from profitability to the corporate carbon footprint.  Losing the wires reduces waste, IT downtime, and so much more.  It’s also good for the environment.

Whether you are looking to expand your charging opportunities to enhance productivity and reduce bottom-line costs or have multiple devices that need to be ready “on demand”, DeepCharge may be your ideal solution.  This intelligent wireless charging solution is up to the task, while Deploying DeepCharge throughout an organization is simply a smart decision.