Review: Incredible Services From Mint Global Marketing Helped Us Step Up Our Lead Generation

By Chris Turn
Mint Global Marketing Review

Mint Global Marketing is one of the leading marketing firms in the industry. They specialize in lead generation and building digital brands through their custom advertising campaigns. 

Mint Global Marketing has truly innovated lead generation and has cultivated some of the best modern digital advertising strategies. We’ve experienced Mint Global Marketing’s expertise first hand, as they helped us overhaul our lead generation and overall improve our industry stake. 

Here are some of the ways how Mint Global Marketing revamped our brand and improved our lead generation. 

Website Improvements

The first thing that Mint Global Marketing did was overhaul our entire website. They didn’t just make it look better (which they did); they also made it function much faster. 

Our website now works flawlessly on any device and browser out there. If a customer tries to reach your site on a mobile device and finds that it looks awful or doesn’t function correctly, they’re just going to leave. 

Fixing our website showed immediate improvement, and we couldn’t have done it without Mint Global’s help. 

CTA and Copywrite Improvement

Mint Global Marketing then took a look at our Calls to Action and found that a lot of them were a bit unclear or oversaturated. They took over and reworded many of our CTAs, which showed immediate improvement. 

Before, customers weren’t doing what we expected when we implemented our CTA. They wouldn’t go to the pages we told them to or click the deals we wanted. Mint Global’s CTAs were much clearer and obviously much better because they worked like a charm. 

Landing Page Design Overhaul 

Along with the website functionality improvements, Mint Global also reworked our landing page. I’ll be honest and say that our landing page was quite a mess before Mint Global got a hold of it.

We didn’t even realize we had too much information in the wrong places until we saw Mint Global’s overhaul. They simplified everything and made important information much easier to find. Overall, it looks cleaner, leading to much more traffic and sales. 

Campaigning Overhaul

Speaking of clarity, we also used Mint Global Marketing’s services for an ad campaign to generate leads. Our campaigns in the past were always somewhat effective but rarely broke even and left us wondering if they were even worth the price. 

Once Mint Global got its hands on the campaign, however, things flipped around for the better. Their campaigns were, again, much more clear and focused than ours were. They told the customer exactly what we were selling and what we wanted them to do. And what do you know? They started flocking in like birds!

Testing and Data Analysis

We never implemented any kind of testing on our website. To be honest, we didn’t even know it was possible with how we had our site set up. Then Mint Global’s experts showed us how to set up testing and what testing can do. 

We used A/B testing to try out different CTAs and landing pages, which helped us choose which ones we wanted to use. This increased our conversions immensely, and I can’t believe we were going in practically blind before using Mint Global Marketing’s services.