Dealing With The Impact Of Trauma The Healthy Way

By Blake Cohen

Just as traumatic events are different for each person, so is the way we deal with the aftermath. Traumatic experiences are events that can cause a lot of stress on the body and mind. They can lead to numerous bodily responses, including flashbacks, changes in mood, nausea, and more. They can be anything from the death of a loved one to being the victim of a crime. No matter what the specific experience is, it is crucial that those recovering from a traumatic experience have patience with the healing process and learn the skills needed to get past the trauma itself.

As a trauma survivor herself, psychiatric nurse and co-founder of Rewire Therapy Tanya Zajdel is in a unique position to understand the experience of learning to heal. Going through her own traumatic experiences, she discovered that many therapists are not well educated on how to work with trauma survivors. She often found herself feeling worn out and on edge as a result of talk therapy. It helped some but not enough.  So Tanya decided to create Rewire after traveling the world and learning how to heal properly.  

Rewire Therapy is Tanya’s way of helping others and is dedicated to trauma survivors and their healing processes. Specifically with trauma survivors, many struggle to talk about their experiences. That’s why the vast majority of therapies typically offered prior to the creation of Rewire are harder for survivors because they focus on ‘cognitive perception’. Talk therapy – especially in the beginning of the healing process – can often be overwhelming, and can potentially do more harm than good. The Rewire Therapy program is different; it’s a program to help survivors heal from the inside.

Rewire is an online platform that works to heal the nervous system post-trauma. The company supplies state of the art medical care created by some of the greatest professionals in the field. All in order to create the best experience possible. Using somatic and expressive therapies, trauma survivors are able to find the tools needed to start the healing process.

According to Zajdel, “Many survivors experience less frequent and intense emotional triggers after practicing Rewire Therapy’s exercises. They have also reported improvements in their relationship with themselves and their loved ones.” Many have also reported achieving faster results than with talk therapy alone.

At its core, Rewire is a new approach to healing a trauma-impacted nervous system. The platform combines multiple proven therapies in order to create the best outcome for users. By being portable and accessible from your phone or computer,  the company has creating a platform that is completely user friendly. 

Rewire’s intentional emphasis on the importance of wellness makes the company an important member of the mental and behavioral health field. The easy-to-use modules take only 10-20 minutes a day, and can be done at any time.  They are an easy addition to one’s daily routine. The tools and practices offered by Rewire are consistent and have been created to make a long-lasting impact. With Rewire, healing is more than a possibility, it’s a reality.