Post 911 Military Parenting

By admin

Military parents have a special duty to care for their children in a world that is becoming more and more threatening in many respects.

To do this, they need to cultivate a positive attitude that is sincere and coherent. Children are like mirrors, say psychologists; they reflect whatever they see, hear, or feel. While dealing with terrorists is now part of our military world, military parents must make sure that this constant state of alert does not become upsetting to their children.

This can be done mostly by attitude adjustments. No one should run around laughing and grinning all the time. But neither should they be constantly depressed or afraid. Prudent diligence is called for; and once that is established, it’s time to get back to having fun with your children; teaching them about life from your own experience; loving and hugging them just because they’re your kids, and for no other reason!

Try to fit just one more smile into your busy military life today. Spend just one more minute with your children at the beginning or the end of the day. Take one more opportunity to tell them you love them today.

It’s one of the best strategies we have to beat the terrorists!