Military Parenting is Great!

By admin

The children of military parents have got opportunities that civilian kids never get!

Think about it. Military parents get to take their kids all over the United States as they are stationed for different assignments.

Do you know how many military camps in the United States are located within ten miles of the Atlantic Ocean? Twenty-one! And how many are located within ten miles of the Pacific Ocean? Sixteen!

Florida alone has got over two dozen military bases, where families can have fun in the sun all year round!

Military parents should definitely take their kids out on a family trip at least once a month. Even if you’re stationed in Minot, North Dakota, you aren’t stuck in the middle of ‘nowhere’. You’re within a hundred miles of the beautiful Turtle Mountains and the International Peace Garden at the Canadian border.

If you’re stationed in Tupelo, Mississippi, you can take your kids to the Tupelo Pony Races, held every year from May to September. Or rent a cabin on Lake Spencer to fish for the local ‘chaw daddies’ and whiskered catfish.

Get the idea? Wherever you and your family are stationed you’ll find interesting places to visit if you take the time and trouble. And then you’re kids will always have something to remember that can never be matched in a civilian family!