Long-Distance Dating Tips for Military Members

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There is something magnetically attractive about men and women wearing uniforms. They symbolize strong, stable, courageous, noble, and orderly people who can provide security and protection to their family and partners. And that’s what most of us want when it comes to love. What the other benefits of dating a soldier are, find on this page.

On the other hand, members of the military also want all of this. But they are probably aware of the limitations due to the service they are in. Waiting for the retirement to experience true love and start a family and a warm home is not always feasible, especially for ladies in the army.

If you are an army member in a quest for love, you should be prepared for many things that ‘civilian’ couples do not do. Soldiers are often away from family and friends for a long time. They see all kinds of stuff and experience unpleasant situations. They need someone who will understand their emotional roller coaster. And when you find such a person, treat him or her as the most valuable thing you own – because it is.

Prepare for Long-Distance Relationship

Let’s get it straight – long-distance relationships aren’t for everyone. Someone who doesn’t want an obligation and only wants a short-term fun will certainly not get involved with someone who is miles away. However, as we said, soldiers are mostly looking for someone with whom they can connect on a deeper level and with whom they can make plans for the future.

If you are an Army member, you probably know that you can expect a deployment at any time. If this happens, and you thought you’ve found the ideal partner in your current place of duty, it doesn’t have to be the end of your love. Talk to your loved one and consider all the good and bad sides of a long-distance relationship. If you are ready for this form of sacrifice, go for it.

Trust Is Essential

Like in every regular relationship, trust between partners is crucial. That applies primarily to the person currently in service. Because of separation, doubts can often arise about a partner who is in the outside world, free to do whatever they want. Dealing with jealousy is not easy, but don’t this toxic feeling destroy your happiness.

Clearly, there is room for doubt. But unless you have strong evidence, don’t look for a problem when there’s none. To kill the worm of doubt, make sure you have daily contact, at least briefly. It is important to talk or text about everything going on and thus be present in partner’s life on both sides. Be open and honest; this is the only way you can enjoy your love.

Make the Most of Your Leave


Leave is a period that soldiers are most looking forward to, but so are their partners. Even though it is most often known for its duration, some unforeseen situations can occur that require an immediate return to service. So make the most of this time.

Do not try to make up for all days and months passed. Strive to create memories for life. If you have time, go somewhere together and commit to one another on this romantic getaway. Do as many things together and try to get involved in your partner’s life. If you have followed the previous advice, this will not be difficult for you.

You can’t compensate the apartness just by being together all the time while on leave. Given the short deadline you have, it is advisable to plan your activities well in advance. You don’t have to be together 24/7, but make sure to come up with something outstanding and do something for your loved one to remember.

Always Be There


People who are physically distant are often more devoted to each other than to the two who are together 24/7. That is because they appreciate their partners more, and they have plenty of time to miss each other. That is why every moment is precious to them.

Soldiers usually have an extraordinary memory. That’s because of trainings and education, but it helps them a lot in their private lives – they rarely forget important dates like anniversaries. If you are in the service, and you have someone outside waiting for you, make sure you show them your love. Every little thing can refresh your relationship – whether it’s a lovely handwritten birthday card, a bouquet of roses at home on the anniversary day, or a romantic song written from a hearth.

Don’t forget the physical touch factor in the relationship (yes, we mean sex). Unless you have a problem with this, a few ‘leisure’ photos before bedtime will help your partner fall asleep (if you know what we mean). Provocative images that are just for their eyes will make them continue to feel attractive and butterflies.

Don’t Get Disappointed if Breakup Happens

If you two still break up, in spite of the mutual effort, do not despair. Military service people tend to emphasize emotions, both good and bad. So try to control yourself. There’s nothing bad about being single. There’s probably a good reason why the breakup happened, and it’s best to accept it and move on.

Various people are doing different things to get over the breakup. Someone suffers in silence; others immediately search for a ‘patch’ for a love wound. Since soldiers are not able to visit clubs, bars, and all other public places where people meet, they most often rely on the Internet. For example, by visiting the Dating Throne page, they can find a complete list of dating platforms for uniformed faces only.

With all the help of modern technologies and means of communication, your relationship will not suffer because of physical separation. Moreover, the latest research confirms that long-distance love often means a better and more substantial relationship, as these partners share much more than those seeing each other every single day.