kid in the window of a red thunderbird

Best In-Car Entertainment for Kids on Long Drives

By Randall Johnson

Long car rides take their toll on even the most experienced driver, but they can be especially dull for children. In order to keep your sanity intact, and a safe drive to best avoid a car accident, keeping your kids entertained is vital. Here are the best forms of in-car entertainment to ensure the little ones on your trip remain happy. 


Playing games in the car has kept children occupied for decades. Classics like I Spy are always hit, especially with a seemingly endless supply of variations that keep the fun going. Once interest in the game dies down, switch over to Last Letter or “I Went to a Restaurant.”

I Went to a Restaurant is a challenging memory game that all family members can play. It starts with the first player saying, “I went to a restaurant and on the menu they had,” then choosing the name of a dish. Each player must say the full phrase as well as the previous players’ dishes before naming their own. When someone forgets, the game is over. 

Last Letter requires passengers to guess a word. The word chooser must pick a word that starts with the last letter of the word that came before it. If the last word was potato, for instance, the next word could be octopus or orangutan. 


Keeping kids entertained these days is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to technology. The kids are able to use tablets, headrest DVD players, and smartphones to play movies or shows during the ride so you can focus on driving. This trick is simple, yet highly effective. 


Of course, music and audiobooks are always an excellent stand-by. With digital radio and Bluetooth technology, it’s easier than ever to keep your kids singing along to their favorite tunes. You can rely on your streaming service of choice as well as YouTube to play songs that suit everyone’s tastes. You can find so much music online and even epic Lord of the Rings inspired music if you are in to that.

Toys and Activities

Bringing toys along for the ride is always an excellent idea, but there are a few options that kick things up a notch. First, there’s LEGO DUPLO sets. These jumbo-sized bricks allow even the youngest passengers to play until their heart is content without the fear of losing pieces. 

Coloring books are always a great idea, but you can pick up a pack of washable felt pens that allow your children to draw on fabric seats without ruining them. You’ll have to clean their creations off later, but the resulting quiet time is well worth it. 


For every parent, there’s also the list of must-have items to bring along for any road trip. Snacks, sippy cups, and wipes all make the list. You might also want to consider a portable potty to avoid unwanted and messy accidents. 

A first aid kit is also an excellent idea, as are USB cables and sunshades that make it easier for little ones to take a nap. Car accident attorneys at Bowling Law recommend ensuring that you have the proper car or booster seats, if necessary. If you’re planning on playing videos, make sure you have the right cables and adapters to keep the entertainment from dying out.