Ways To Combat Clinical Depression

By Article Editor

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects millions of people every year. At any one time in the United States, over six percent of the population is suffering from some type of depressive disorder.

The most serious form of depression is called clinical depression or major depressive disorder. This type of depression is characterized by symptoms that include fatigue, loss of appetite, sadness and suicidal thoughts.

There are ways that doctors work to treat people who are suffering from depression. The two major ways that depression is treated is through the use of medications and through the use of counseling which is also called talk therapy. For those who have treatment resistant depression, there is an innovative therapy called TMS that has been developed that is highly effective in helping people to overcome depression.

The first line of treatment for major depression is the use of medications known as antidepressants. There are several different types of these medications, and there are several different individual medications of each type. No one antidepressant works 100 percent of the time for every person. A patient may need to take several different medications before the patient finds the medication that works for him or her. Even when a medication that works is discovered, it often takes weeks or months for the depression to pass.

Talk therapy is often combined with medications for the treatment of clinical depression. A person suffering from depression meets with a psychotherapist or mental health counselor about twice a week for a period of months. As the patient and the counselor interact, the goal is to discover what factors in the patient’s life might trigger a depressive episode. The counselor also discusses ways to help move past the current time of depression.

For about 40 percent of those suffering from depression, medications and talk therapy do not bring an end to the depression. For these patients, there needs to be additional treatment. TMS Health Solutions is a place that can offer hope to these patients through the use of the innovative therapy known as transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS. This therapy is FDA approved, and it brings relief to many clinical depression patients.

At TMS Health Solutions, patients meet with a doctor who can provide assistance with all types of treatment for depression. When TMS treatment is needed, the procedure is simple and straightforward to carry out. Patients will come to the office for a period of four to six weeks. Treatments will take place each day except on the weekends.

TMS treatment is non-invasive. A device containing a powerful electromagnet is placed over the portion of the brain to be treated. Magnetic impulses are sent into the brain to stimulate the brain. There is no down time with this procedure. When the treatment is done, the patient is fee to go about any normal daily activities. Depression can be hard to treat. However, there are ways to treat depression even when it is treatment resistant. TMS Health Solutions is offering patients an innovative therapy that can truly make a difference