How To Choose The Right Mattress

By admin

We spend most of our lives sleeping. A normal human being spends at least 1/3 of his/her life asleep, a reason why you need to invest in the right bed and mattress.  Finding/choosing the right mattress for your specific needs can however be an intimidating task for many people. One of the reasons for this is the fact that most mattress manufacturers tout their brand to be the best, which makes it a little intimidating to find the right one. Knowing what exactly to look for in a mattress can however make the process straightforward and more manageable. Here are 5 of the critical factors to consider when shopping for a mattress.

  1. Durability

This should be the first thing/factor to consider when shopping for a mattress. The quality of a mattress depends significantly on the material used and its construction.  Reputable brands almost always provide the best quality mattresses. Looking into each mattress’ durability (from brand to brand) can help you determine the right one for your needs. It is worth noting that, hand-crafted mattresses are considerable of a higher quality as compared to others in the market. This is because their construction is precise.

  1. Size

The second factor you ought to consider when shopping for a mattress is the size. The mattress not only needs to be comfortable, but also sizeable enough to fit in your bedroom, or bed for that matter. Be sure to take size (height and width) of the persons to be using the mattress as well. To be on the safe side, consider choosing a mattress that leaves at least one foot of space around the edges of the bed. If you are however taller than most people, you can then go for extra-long or custom beds built to accommodate your size, and especially height. Be sure to consider turning and tossing space if using the bed with your partner.  If you’re interested check out this brand, the Original Mattress Company, they have a great selection of bed sizes.

  1. Motion Disturbance

The level of motion disturbance is something you need to consider before picking just any mattress. Motion disturbance (especially when someone turns or tosses) can affect your sleep quality significantly. To avoid this, consider mattresses with a higher shock absorption capability, and those that mould to your movement. Memory foam mattresses, for example, have a higher motion absorption capability as compared to spring mattresses. If possible, go for mattresses with springs spread wide apart for reduced disturbance when your partner turns and tosses. Mattresses with plenty of springs spread any motion through the bed thus making it hard not to notice when the other person turns.

  1. Mattress Firmness

Mattresses come in three levels of firmness; soft, medium, and hard. Although the mattress firmness depends solely on a person’s preferences, medium-firm mattresses are considered best for support. Medium firm mattresses are also recommended for individuals suffering from lower back pains. Placing a pillow top on top of a firm mattress may however help provide support for your body. This however doesn’t work for ‘featherweights’ or petite individuals.

  1. Warranty

As mentioned earlier, a mattress is a sizeable investment for most people. It would therefore be best for you to buy a mattress that comes with a warranty. Be sure to inquire about this as soon as you’ve made up your mind. Mattresses under warranty can be replaced if faulty or don’t meet your requirements/comfort levels. Some of the issues covered by the warranty may include broken springs a fraying material. Some of the best mattresses come with an at least 4-year warranty.