A Guide To Sleep During Pregnancy

By admin

The majority of pregnant women don’t get good quality sleep every day. Typically, most women experience disturbed sleep or insomnia and it is quite normal as well as heightened anxiety and stress. We will now look at a couple of tips that will help you get better sleep.

Reduce sleeping during the day

If you must sleep during the day, then you should only sleep up to sixty minutes. It is best not to sleep longer than an hour during the day time so that it doesn’t interfere with the sleep you get at night.

Minimize your stress

Most pregnant women experience mental and emotional stress. However, this has to be reduced for better sleep and you can do so by engaging in stress reducing activities such as meditating, going for a walk, reading, gardening etc.

Exercise on a daily basis

Exercise is a great way to improve your sleep and regularize your activity during the day. You can engage in light cardio exercises, yoga etc.

Avoid exercising too late in the day

It is best not to work out in the evening or night since this will negatively affect your sleep. It is best to workout in the morning or mid-day and avoid doing so in the evening.

Get more pillows

In order to get better sleep, you may need to have more pillows. Doctors usually advise not using pillows for under your head, but they are great for use behind your back as well as for your stomach. These extra pillows can give you a lot more support and comfort and help you to be more comfortable sleeping on your side. There are many different types and shapes of pillows and you should experiment with wedge pillows as well as body length pillows to find the right combination that helps you to sleep better

Relax before going to bed

There are many ways to relax before going to bed and these include doing deep breathing, taking a warm shower, doing yoga, getting a massage etc. These will all help to reduce your stress and anxiety which will enable you to sleep better.

Create and stick to a bedtime schedule

It is best to create a sleep schedule and routine and then stick to it, every day. It is best to stick to the schedule, no matter how much you may want to break it.

Ensure your bedroom is comfortable

In order to sleep better, your bedroom should be comfortable and pleasant. You can do so by making sure it is clean and well ventilated and it should have candles and dim lighting in the night so you can sleep peacefully. A nice new Keetsa mattress can help too.

Sleep on the left side

It is best to sleep on your left side since it reduces pressure from your uterus and provides better blood flow. By doing so early on in your pregnancy, it will help you to sleep even better when your tummy is larger, later in the pregnancy.

Get out of bed

In the event that you’re in bed and can’t fall asleep, you should get out of the bedroom and do a light activity such as listen to music or read until you start to feel sleepy. By only using your bed for sleeping, it will help improve the quality of your sleep.