4 Designs of Boots to Keep Your Kids’ Feet Safe

By admin

Kids just can’t keep still. They always want to go outside to explore their surroundings, getting into puddles, snow or muck at every opportunity. Providing durability and protection, boots are a great choice of footwear for active children. But with all the different brands and styles out there, choosing the right boot isn’t easy. Boots for them are going to differ greatly than adults boots. For a full list of good boots visit rateworkboots. Here are a few things to consider when trying to pick out the right boots for the right season.


The sun is out, the snow pants have been put away, and the kids don’t want to stay inside another minute. But spring offers changeable weather, puddles, and a lot of mud. Boots with Gore-Tex or nylon uppers offer water resistance and easy cleaning. Soles should offer good traction for playing outside on slippery ground. A pair of dedicated rain boots is good to have around as well for those really rainy days.


Sunshine and an end to school mean long days outside. While hot weather is great for sandals, many of those have slippery soles and none offer the toe protection of a good boot. Boots with a tough yet breathable mesh upper offer protection and stay cool in the heat. Find moisture-wicking materials that dry quickly from sweat and the occasional puddle. Traction and ankle support are other things to look for if your kids will be running around in the great outdoors.


It’s back to school, and the weather is starting to cool down. Like spring, fall weather can change quickly. It’s still not cold enough for full-on winter boots, but when things do get chilly, a little room for an extra pair of socks will be welcome. You’ll also want to find a boot that’s comfortable for all-day wear in the classroom. Non-marking soles are important to look for as well, as many schools have rules about the kinds of shoes kids are allowed to wear inside.


When the snow falls and the air is chilled, warmth becomes a factor when buying boots for kids. Well-fitting insulation that isn’t too tight is key to keeping toes toasty. Look for a removable liner that can be taken out for quick drying. A liner with elastic fittings will also help stay snug while giving a little room for your child’s feet to grow. Another thing to consider is how easy the boots are to get on and off, since kids will be going from outdoors to indoors and back again frequently.

Fit, of course, is the most important thing to look for during any season. Boots that are too tight can cause pain, while boots with too much room in them can lead to falls and injury. Kids grow so fast that you can’t take the size of last season’s boots for granted, but getting kids excited about shopping for new shoes several times a year can be a chore. Check online for tips on how to make shoe shopping fun to take some of the work out of it.