The Advantages Of Relocating To And Starting A New Life In Canada

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To help you decide whether relocating to and starting a new life in Canada is for you, it’s important that you begin by familiarizing yourself with the associated advantages and disadvantages of the same.

The Advantages

The absence of a language barrier, with the exception of the French speaking areas, is one of the main benefits of moving to Canada for Brits. The absence of a communication barrier ultimately makes the transition to the new surroundings much smoother. Anyone who has moved to a foreign country and had to struggle with learning an unfamiliar local language will testify to the important nature of this advantage. As such, this advantage should be appreciated by all.

The country is considered to have a progressive view of global affairs as demonstrated by their international policies. Canada is neutral, keeps international peace, and is peaceful as well. In comparison to other countries such as the UK and US, which have been involved in armed conflicts against countries such as Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, Canada is not subject to the same elevated terrorist threat from radicalized internal and external elements.

The likelihood of foreigners being subjected to discrimination is much lower in Canada since the residents are considered to be naturally polite, accommodating and courteous. The absence of a polarized political environment also adds to the neutrality described above.

As echoed by most Brits living in the country, Canada’s educational and healthcare systems are designed to adhere to the highest standards possible, and are currently better than those in the UK. One of the most significant advantages of moving to and living in Canada comes in the fact that their immigration policies encourage relocation for entire families. It’s worth noting that immigrants who move to new countries with their entire families transition better. Relocating with as much of your extend family as you can is possible when it comes to moving to Canada.


In comparison to other parts of the world including the US, UK and Europe at large, the Canadian economy was not hit as hard by the international economic crisis. The Canadian currency is stable, while employment numbers continue to grow and the general national mood remains positive.  If you’re interested in a life in canada check out this advice from Tradewind International.

Canada is home to a huge variety of public facilities (including public parks, libraries and recreational facilities), which are open to all and maintained in pristine condition. It’s easy for Brits to take this advantage lightly, but not so much for those coming from nations where these affordable or sometimes free amenities are not commonplace.

Over the course of the year Canadian weather is characterized by four unique seasons; with each one associated with a variety of outdoor events and fun things to do. On paper, this simply means that you will have a choice of many things to do outdoors, regardless of the prevailing weather. In truth however, some parts of the country experience long and hard winters; bringing us to the harsh reality of some of the disadvantages of moving and living in Canada.