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The Shecession is Starting to Fade Post-Pandemic With Return to Office

By Brian Wallace

Almost 2 million women disappeared from the workforce in 2020 due to the strains of the pandemic. However, research now suggests that they are finally beginning to return to the office. In March 2023, studies showed that more than 77.8 million women were active in the workforce, returning to nearly pre-pandemic levels. Millions of growing industries are staffed by women all over the country, and many are feeling willing and able to reenter a professional setting.

Despite a recent increase in these numbers, women face significant barriers in returning to work. Ageism, caregiving responsibilities, childcare burdens, and a lack of confidence are just a few of the contributing factors in this issue. Women face several different types of expectations. From performance to physical appearance, it can be difficult for women to reach their full potential, especially in a professional setting.

Against all obstacles that stand in their way, women are coming together and supporting each other in their return to the office. Some are seeking mentorship, some pursuing more hybrid roles, and others are simply investing in what makes them feel most confident. Today, women are feeling the ultimate freedom to do what makes them happy, improving not only the well-being of women, but the well-being of our society as a whole.

Why women are finally returning to the office
Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery