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Recruitment and Retention of Gen Z in the Changing Workforce

By Brian Wallace

At a time when Gen Z is poised to dominate the modern workforce, their job transitions have increased by 80% year over year. Therefore, organizations are focused on not only recruiting but also retaining Gen Z employees. However, half of hiring managers struggle in connecting with early-career employees. Additionally, 74% of hiring managers claim that Gen Z is the most difficult generation to work with.

What might be causing this situation? There are three primary factors to consider. First, changing workplaces in a post-COVID world have had a significant impact, as Gen Z witnessed a 79% increase in layoffs and a 73% increase in furloughs between March 2020 and April 2021 compared to other generations. Second, unnecessary friction in the workplace arises, with 70% of Gen Z employees being at risk of reneging on their current job offer. Lastly, misaligned career expectations between employees and employers play a role, as 65% of Gen Z employees tend to quit within 12 months of starting.

So, how can organizations retain and recruit Gen Z and preserve their resources? Adopting a few key methods is crucial. These include establishing clear expectations, fostering genuine transparency, offering workplace respect, nurturing meaningful workplace connections, and prioritizing intentional communication.

See more in the infographic below, courtesy of Abode:

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR