Jurgen Cautreels Shares Internet Marketing Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

By Chris Turn
Internet Marketer Jurgen Cautreels

Businesses have embraced various new digital practices and technology at a breakneck pace to appeal to millennials, eroding the old lines between journalism, marketing, and advertising.

We now have web advertisements, YouTube advertisements, and email instead of billboards, commercials, and direct mail. While digital marketers’ aims and goals are similar to those of traditional marketing professionals, they have had to adapt to become more tech-savvy and digitally oriented, focusing on efficient online marketing campaigns and consumer digital communications.

With the popularity o the internet, these jobs are in high demand. According to Jurgen Cautreels,  Some of these jobs include several career paths in internet marketing. Some might even be strange to you. These careers never existed years ago:

  • Social Media Manager

A decade ago, social media was still relatively young. Nearly three-quarters of all internet adults now use social media in some way. Jobs such as social media manager arose as a result. A social media manager is responsible for updating and managing an organization’s social media channels (currently a mix of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+), as well as developing an overall strategy to increase sales, exposure, customer engagement, and brand loyalty using data metrics such as engagement and reach.

According to Jurgen Cautreels, the value of social media has only just been recognized, and it has fortunately offered lots of opportunities to individuals in the digital industry.

  • Email Marketing

Due to social media algorithms, only a limited percentage of an account’s audience will view their social media post. As a result, businesses seek new methods to reach the vast majority of their target market.

To Jurgen Cautreels, an email marketer is responsible for curating blog posts and links to include in newsletters or promotions for subscribers, building and launching campaigns with an email service provider, tracking open rates, click-through rates, etc.

  • SEO Specialist

SEO specialists assist a firm in optimizing its website and content for improved exposure in internet searches so that prospective consumers may discover them more easily. Jurgen Cautreels stated that SEO experts would concentrate on optimizing your website, achieving that desired first page of search results, and boosting the searchability of your content so that it often appears in keyword searches.

Building links, tweaking title tags, and giving URL suggestions are all tactics SEO professionals use to get relevant traffic from search engines. Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing, they keep up to date by reading blogs and industry magazines.

  • Brand Management

Jurgen Cautreels stated that a brand manager is in charge of all internal and external communication for a firm or product line and bringing the brand persona to life. A brand manager is a combination of messages and customer experiences that serve as a firm’s narrative. A brand manager at a more prominent company will most likely be responsible for a single brand or product line.

  • Vlogger

While bloggers have been since the early 1990s, it wasn’t until 2005 that YouTube was launched, ushering in a new era of internet cat videos. Many successful vloggers, also known as “influencers,” monetize their platform via their videos’ product sponsorships, reviews, and advertisements.