If You Own a Gun, You Might Need Gun Insurance

By admin

In the US, it is still legal to own guns and to use them for self defense when necessary. It’s a long standing, American right, and one that many of us are very passionate to preserve. 

It is entirely possible to be a responsible gun owner and to never see an accident at all, however, for too many this isn’t the case. In fact, of all high income countries, the US is the one that sees the most accidental gun injuries. We see over 500 accidental gun injury deaths every single year, which is more than one every day. 

For many reasons, anyone who owns a gun should consider obtaining gun insurance. In fact, in some places, gun insurance is mandatory for anyone who owns a gun and may become so in more states across the country soon. 

Not only does gun insurance provide protection against accidents, but it may actually help to decrease the number of accidents as premiums are lowered based on gun owner actions. For instance, using a gun safe, installing a trigger lock, using a loading chamber indicator, and taking a gun safety course all can help to lower premiums as well as encourage responsible gun ownership. In turn, accidental injuries and suicides by gun are decreased.

Is gun liability insurance required?