Improving Your Health The Best Way Possible

By Jake Rosenberg

Have you ever gotten up in the morning with a crick in your neck?  Gone to bed with an aching back or a headache because you sat too long on Zoom and at your desk?  These are problems that affect almost forty-five percent of the working population, according to multiple studies.  While there are many ways to reduce the pain – the best way is to go a step further and reduce the impact stress has on your body by enhancing your immunity and setting yourself up for success, so the stress bounces right off you.   Enter Nesas Hemp.  A full spectrum CBDa oil that is changing the way we heal.

Nesas Hemp is THC-free and derived from plants that are grown in their own extremely healthy, proprietary soil.  The harvest is precise and proprietary.  Nesas does something no other company can do – preserve the plant while keeping all medicinal compounds intact through their extraction process.  

Many CBD products are processed with heat, gasses, solvents, and many other harmful chemicals simply to extract the oils.  Both the chemicals, and the processes, are harmful to humans.  Selecting the product that’s right for you isn’t as simple as picking something up in a drugstore or other location.  The way to get the best results from a product is to learn about the genesis of it.  If you see that products are produced in an inorganic matter, be aware that it can change the long-term efficacy of that product.

“Because our plants remain alive and intact through our processes, we are the first company to get the Certification of Safety Seal from the FDA registered ACS Laboratories.  Our products are proven to be safe from heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, mold, and many other harmful toxins that most companies don’t worry about,” said Inesa Ponomariovaite, CEO and Founder.

Nesas touts its products as being “beyond organic” for good reason. Although they’re literally Certified Organic, they go far and above all organic certification requirements.  The product comes in a glass bottle with a glass stopper and is taken under the tongue.  It’s easy to use, doesn’t have a harsh taste or consistency, and supports just about every system in the body.

The company encourages Nesas Hemp users to try dosing the way they recommend first.  Then, if you don’t feel enough impact, it’s time to increase your intake.  “Here is where the magic is,” says Ponomariovaite.  “When you take Nesas Hemp, if for any reason you feel you don’t have the results you want, you need to increase your dose until you notice a positive impact.  Since our product is not activated, it’s very hard to tell specifically how much each person will need based on their endocannabinoid system, as well as many other factors.”

With optimal use, Nesas Hemp users will see a positive impact.  Whether it’s from purchasing the product and doing good for the world or for yourself, the company consistently chooses people over profits.  

“I have a big vision for the world,” concludes Ponomariovaite.  “I truly believe I can make a difference.  There’s so much work ahead of me.”  For Inesa, creating Nesas is simply one leg of her lifelong journey.