How to Create an Outdoor Living Space Ideal for Family Bonding

By Full Editorial

As the weather gets nicer and temperatures rise, it makes sense that you would want to spend more time outdoors with your family and friends. Whether you like to have barbecues and other large get-togethers or you just like to relax outdoors on a sunny day, it pays to design a comfortable outdoor living space. While it’s always best to consult a professional designer for a project like this, we can still give you some tips on turning your backyard into the ideal space for family bonding.

1. Decide How You Will Use Your Space

First of all, you need to decide how your space is going to be used. If you want something relatively simple that you can use to lounge outside, you probably don’t need anything too large or elaborate. A modest patio with some outdoor furniture in your backyard will do just fine. If you’re planning on hosting large parties, you’ll need to dedicate more of your yard to a larger patio and larger furniture pieces. You might even want to consider more permanent pieces if you plan to use the space regularly. Remember to leave plenty of space for a grill if you plan to host barbecues.

2. Treat The Space Like a Room in Your House

When you’re designing a comfortable outdoor living space, think of it as an extension of your house. Your floorplan should resemble the kind of living room or family room that you would have indoors. Every part of the space should have a logical function, whether that is a sitting area or a place where you are preparing food.

3. Consider a Hardscape Foundation

A hardscape such as stone or concrete is best for an outdoor living space. It should look warm and inviting, but the harder surface will provide plenty of stability for tables and chairs. It will also hold up to the elements, although any surface will require a bit of maintenance if you want it to last for several years.

4. Create a Nice Ambience

When creating ambiance for your outdoor spaces, it’s hard to go wrong with low-maintenance shrubs that won’t require a lot of care. You can and should water and feed your plants to keep them healthy, but the goal here is to create an inviting atmosphere. Plants that require a lot of work could add more stress than you want from what should be a relaxing environment.

Another great option for creating ambiance is to add a water feature to your space. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate fountain or pond; a small trickle over a rock garden will do.

Finally, make sure that you have plenty of lighting in your outdoor space. Track lighting around walking spaces is always welcome, as are soft lamps and other decorative lighting features. Any lighting you choose should be soft and inviting, but it should also be bright enough to allow you to see clearly when you’re preparing a meal on the grill or entertaining guests.