8 Great Ideas to Help Get Your Family Up Off of the Couch

By Full Editorial

Everyone would benefit from exercise, but there are a lot of people who just can’t seem to get off the couch. Motivating them may seem difficult, but here are a few tips that can get your family moving!

1. Take a Walk

Going from being inactive to hitting the gym can be a tricky transition. Fortunately, taking a simple walk is within almost everyone’s wheelhouse. Rather than trying to nag your family into exercising, you should merely suggest that you take a walk together.

2. Play Your Favorite Sport

Want to get enthusiastic buy-in from everyone in your family? Figure out a sport that everyone likes! From shooting hoops to playing catch, this is a fantastic way to ensure everyone starts moving.

3. Make it a Friendly Competition

If they’re not motivated to exercise for their health, then how about winning a bet? Make small, achievable goals and sweeten the pot by tying it to something they’d like. For instance, the winner can pick a movie that you’ll all go see.

4. Choose Something Topical

Who is the biggest name in the sports world at the current moment? Caitlin Clark, of course! If she’s inspired your kids, or yourself, then head out to a basketball court. Everyone will think they’re there to have fun trying to imitate her, but they’ll really be exercising.

5. Do Couch to 5K as a Family

Your family members probably believe that doing a 5K run is never, ever going to happen, right? Well, you can help them see the error of this type of thinking by introducing them to the Couch to 5K program. In nine weeks, you can go from a sedentary lifestyle to crossing the finish line of a 5K. Even better, the program allows people to build up their endurance slowly, so they can stick with it!

6. Take the Pressure Off with Light Weights

One of the things that turns off people who are new to exercising is how difficult it can be to lift weights. This is something that people should work up to gradually, but instead, they’ll usually lift weights that are too heavy for them. Then, once the soreness kicks in, they swear off exercising. However, you can change these results by starting with weights that are almost too light for you. Keep everyone from hurting after, and they’ll be much more likely to keep going to the gym.

7. Focus on Stretching

If your family is really out of shape, it’s a wise idea to start with a stretching routine. This will get them used to moving their body, but it won’t leave them sore afterward. As an added bonus, even simple stretches will burn off some calories!

8. Take a Yoga Class Together

Show them that yoga is a real workout by enrolling in a class together. Before they know it, they’ll be breaking a sweat and wondering how they ever thought that yoga didn’t count.

With a little bit of creative thinking, you can get your family up off the couch and on their way to a healthier lifestyle!