Gardening faux pas’: How to avoid the classic mistakes

By admin

It is something of a seasonal pastime and when it comes to the brink of spring, it is certainly not uncommon to see households around the country paying some much-needed attention to their garden.

As much as it might seem simple at the time, as anyone who has “tried” gardening will testify it can quite easily be anything-but. There is a reason why some people make a living out of doing this on a full-time basis – it is a specialist trade.

This doesn’t mean to say that you are not permitted to do it yourself, though. On the contrary, DIY gardening is perfectly acceptable, as long as you stick to the golden rules.

Today’s post will now take a look at some of the classic mistakes which often occur. If you can avoid the following, you’ll be doing your gardening chances the power of good.

Mistake #1 – You focus too much on watering

From a young age we are taught that plants need water but for many of us, we take it too far. Believe it or not, there is a term called overwatering.

This is almost as bad as not providing your garden with enough water and means that your plants will be denied oxygen.

A quick way to see if plants have been overwatered is to look for rotten roots or yellow leaves.

Mistake #2 – You don’t buy the right plants to start with

There are a couple of strands to this next point. Firstly, you need to be planning in-season. Some plants are just not designed for certain months and the only way to mitigate this risk is to turn to evergreen solutions.

There are also some plants and flowers which might never be suitable for the environment you have available. The best advice is to consult an expert in the field, like Avas Flowers, to see what can be planted when (if at all). Take a look at the Avas Flowers Pinterest and Avas Flowers Twitter page for more info.

Mistake #3 – You opt for Wimbledon-style grass

You might not be a tennis enthusiast, but it doesn’t mean to say that you don’t want your lawn to look like the courts at Wimbledon. When summer arrives, most of us will attempt to trim as much off as possible, but it can work against us.

Not only can cutting the grass short heighten the risks of digging up chunks of your lawn, but it can also prompt excessive sun exposure. The result? Your grass is burnt off in record speeds.