Becoming a Nurse Health Coach in 7 Months [A Fully-Fledged Process]

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As a nurse, you have the opportunity to impact and change the lives of many individuals. Apart from being tasked with providing care and support to those in need, registered nurses may feel inclined to do more than what they are called to accomplish. Nurses can contribute to the health of their community by enrolling in courses at The Nurse Coach Collective. 

The programs offered by this institution equip nurses with the skills and knowledge they require to provide better healthcare without spending years in training. As part of an intensive 7-month course, nurses are exposed to working closely with patients to introduce lifestyle changes that improve their lives. 

Additionally, trainee nurses have the opportunity to work alongside healthcare providers to provide coordinated care. Nurses that are a part of the program are trusted and advocated for by their patients to provide professional healthcare services.

Why Become a Nurse Health Coach?

The beauty of becoming a nurse health coach doesn’t stop at advising patients on how to manage their health and wellness or how they can implement and stick to healthy lifestyle changes. A nurse health coach can take advantage of various options available to them. These include:

1. Improve Nursing Leadership

After completing their training at The Nurse Coach Collective, individuals can develop comprehensive and clear visions for their teams. As expected, these visions should be communicated to all members of the team and must align with the goals of the organization. 

In addition, nurse health coaches and medical staff build better and strong relationships through open communication that hinges on mutual trust and respect. Further, you will benefit from providing timely and accurate feedback to your nursing team. As a result of constructive feedback, your nursing team is motivated to help and take care of their patients better through the provision of quality healthcare.

2. Discover Lifestyle Design

Nurses commit their lives to taking care of their patients. Unfortunately, the skills and experiences gained from traditional methods of healing may not suffice for nurses who wish to be more involved in caring for their patients. 

Luckily, a nurse health coach trained by professionals at The Nurse Coach Collective is equipped with alternative approaches to modern medicine that, when combined with their skills and experience, can improve the level of wellness and care provided to patients.

Patients that work with nurse health coaches are shown how to plan for a lifestyle that best works with their recovery. These custom-made lifestyle plans may include engaging in mindful practices, learning about plant-based nutrition, and other approaches to healing. In addition, this training allows health coach nurses to spend more time with their patients whilst providing intensive coaching support that impacts their lives in the long run.

3. Start Your Own Business

With the current demand for skilled nurses that can provide more than just wellness, why not start your own health coaching business? It is possible to start your wellness venture right after completing the 7-month program at The Nurse Coach Collective. 

As a nurse health coach in a rapidly growing industry, you are in a position to provide technical expertise that is backed by evidence. For those who are ready and willing to explore the world of business, the programs and services at The Nurse Coach Collective will contribute to the overall success of your practice and the wellness of your patients.

Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program

There are many benefits of signing up for the program offered by The Nurse Coach Collective. Here are some of them:

• Reignite your nursing passion

• Heal your patients holistically

• Introduce healing based on lifestyle

• Receive certification from a board

• Set up wellness communities around you

• Benefit from wellness in your own life

The nurse health coach program offered by The Nurse Coach Collective is both intensive and inclusive. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things included:

• Comprehensive and detailed course manual

• Interactive 7-month online learning and support

• Eligibility for dual board certification

• Be a part of an exclusive wellness community

• Instructors boasting years of experience and professionalism

• 120 contact hours with staff and other healthcare providers

For only $4,999, nurses that pay in full at the time of enrolling enjoy exclusive perks such as access to the exclusive nurse health coach community, lifetime access to The Nurse Coach Collective membership, and many other benefits that the 7-month program provides.

To get a better understanding of the nurse health coach program, it has been divided into three parts namely:

Phase 1

This phase focuses on online learning where trainees are exposed to the varying differences involved in nurse coaching that encompass the different roles of an experience nurse health coach and how they take responsibility for any mistakes that may arise.

Phase 2

The coursework of trainees is put to the test through supervised, real-life situations where they interact and determine the needs of their patients.

Phase 3

This is a time for celebration as The Nurse Coach Collective ushers you and your peers to their alumni community known as Transformative Nurse Coaches.

After completing the nurse health coach program at The Nurse Coach Collective, you will be required to sit for the holistic nurse and nurse coach exams certified by the board. These exams are offered by the AHNCC and require you to meet their conditions before the examination. 

For nurses, receiving nurse coaching can be a liberating and transformational experience. You can impart your vast clinical knowledge and experience to others while learning new skills and growing your network of contacts. Participating in The Nurse Coach Collective‘s 7-month program will enable you to become a nurse health coach in less than a year. To learn more about the program, please fill out our contact form.