Avoiding Substance Abuse Problems After Returning From Duty

By jacob

Active duty in the army is stressful for anyone. Much of the situations a person is put in weigh heavy on their mind. Not to mention, being away from family and coming home and possibly not having a job are also issues. For these reasons and others, people return home and feel anxious or depressed. This can turn some individuals to drinking or partaking in drug use, but there are other ways to cope.

Stay Close With Friends and Family

It’s important to visit friends and family when a person comes home. It helps reduce stress on the person. Additionally, it prevents the person from having too much time to sit and contemplate about being away. The person has less temptation to abuse a substance since he or she is occupied. Not to mention, the person will feel less alone since he or she was away for so long. It doesn’t hurt to have someone to talk to about any issues a person is dealing with either.

Get Involved in Groups and Activities

Staying occupied is vital in avoiding a substance abuse problem. When people have too much time on their hands and are alone, they tend to feel more depressed or anxious. Getting out and making new friends prevents a person from having time to feel anxious or depressed. It keeps a person occupied, which decreases the amount of time a person has for substance abuse. Additionally, it gives a person a sense of purpose, which they may feel like they don’t have now that they’re back from the army.

Start Looking for a Job

While it seems like taking some time off to relax and regroup is beneficial, for many, it just gives them time to worry. Moreover, it’s a prime opportunity for someone to relive much of the negativity of serving. It’s helpful to start looking for a job as soon as possible. For some who aren’t in desperate need of an income, it could be beneficial to take on a part-time position or a low-paying position just to occupy time and have some form of income. It boosts an individual’s self-esteem to have responsibilities as well.

Take Advantage of Military Services

There are resources available specifically for people who served in the military. For instance, there’s an organization that assists in keeping the children of veterans healthy. They have organizations that work with veterans to help them find employment and match them with the right services to assist with common issues that plague veterans. Additionally, many law services in Texas have knowledge about helping individuals file for the benefits they deserve.

Know When to Talk to a Professional

If a person feels depressed or anxious when returning home, it’s important to know when to talk to a professional. They know how to work a person through problems related to serving.