Avoid these Common Mistakes When Making Realtor Postcards

By admin

Being a real estate agent means having an unlimited earning potential, a flexible working schedule, and most importantly connecting people with one of the most significant investments in their lives. However, all this is not possible if you fail to market yourself well. One of the best ways to make yourself visible is by using real estate postcards. This timeless marketing strategy still has a lot to offer real estate agents. 

If you want to use realtor postcards successfully, there are several common mistakes that you should avoid. Here are a few:

1. Being Too General

Though the main goal of realtor postcards is to increase brand awareness and encourage more investors to try your business, the message should not be too general. To grab the attention of your target audience, you need to have quality content on the postcard.

For example, use postcards that invite people to an open house, rather than one that only has your details and pictures of a home. Try not to focus only on your business. Let your postcards solve your target’s problems. 

2. Too Many Graphics

While graphics are good, interesting, and can capture an audience’s attention, a graphic overload can be too much for the eyes to consume. Instead of the graphics keeping your target interested, they will distract the audience away from the intended message. Only use a few simple yet catchy graphics that will appeal to your audience and direct them towards your message.

3. Forgetting the Call to Action

No marketing strategy is complete without a call to action. The main goal of your realtor postcards is to encourage your potential clients to call you, make an appointment or visit your office.  Without a call to action, your message will appear as though it is a consumable product advertisement. Ensure you include a simple call to action, your business name, and contact information. 

4. Targeting a Very Large Area

It is good to dream big and have a desire to establish your name as far as possible. However, it is crucial that you start with a small area and spread your realtor’s wings as you grow. When you market using postcards, you want to ensure that you are available in that area as frequently as possible. You should meet potential buyers and sellers personally. 

When you target a very large area, keeping up with appointments and maintaining a physical presence will be impossible. To avoid losing leads and sales, target an area that is close to where you live or operate. 

5. Mailing Postcards Once

Consistency is crucial when it comes to real estate postcards. Every marketing strategy needs follow-ups and fine-tuning. Do not give up after a single round of postcard marketing. Even if the first time did not bear much fruit, keep the campaigns going. 

At times, it takes a steady campaign to make an impact. Remember, you may not be the first realtor in that area. Your audience may be waiting to know what makes you different before engaging with you. 

The Final Thoughts

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid in your next postcard campaign, you need to determine which message works best with your audience. Test out several different messages with different target audiences and see what tone or message delivers good results.