8 Great Ideas for Parents to Bond With Their Teen Daughters

By Full Editorial

Spending time with your family is important to bond, share ideas, and learn from each other. Below are eight ways mothers and teen daughters can spend precious time together while having fun.

1- Baking

Baking is a time to express your creativity through food. You and your daughter will enjoy bonding while baking treats like cookies or cakes. You can alter the recipe in any way you like, including different flavors and sweetness. In the end, you can enjoy the best part of baking: eating the food!

2- Crafts

What better way to enjoy each other’s company than creating something together? You can make crafts using skills like crochet, knitting, sewing, and origami. Also, use items you have around your house, such as a box, to make something like a decorated jewelry box.

3- Board Games and Card Games

Playing card games like UNO and board games like Chess are a great way to have fun together. Board games and card games help you with critical thinking and are a great way to have memorable quality time with your daughter. Plus, it can be enjoyed entirely screen-free, which is an added benefit!

4- Facials

Taking care of ourselves is an important part of our lives, so why not do it together? Facials are a fun way to hang out together and relax, all while getting necessary self-care. You can go to a spa for your skin, or just reduce stress in a comfortable environment. Teenage girls love skin care, as it’s a fun and exciting experience to discover the world of beauty.

5- Shopping

Clothing choices are a simple but effective way to express yourself, which is why going shopping in malls is a great bonding experience. You can have fun trying on all sorts of different clothing options. Malls have a lot of nice attractions that make the shopping experience that much better with things like pretty fountains or fascinating holiday decorations.

6- Eat Out

Going to your daughter’s favorite café or restaurant is an enjoyable experience. If your daughter doesn’t drink coffee, you can order her something like a milkshake or tea. Your daughter will enjoy helping decide the restaurant and enjoying their food while spending quality time with her mother.

7- Watch Movies

Watching movies at home or in theaters provides you and your daughter with memorable moments that you both will cherish. Having your daughter there with you makes it more fun to experience all of the moments in the movie. You can choose your snacks, and if watching at home, you can have the added enjoyment of making the snacks yourselves!

8- Walk and Talk

If you and your daughter enjoy being out in nature, this one’s for you. You can choose any park trail to explore. While on the walk, you can have important and meaningful conversations with your daughter, or give her a chance to open up about her feelings. The calming nature of the park is sure to provide deep connections while having fun seeing all the different wildlife.

Mothers and daughters will share many of the same types of life experiences. It’s important for families to talk and spend time with each other. So, have fun and grow: together!