7 Reasons to Pass Down Heirloom Jewelry to Your Children

By Full Editorial

No one has the same place in your life as your family does. They offer love, supporting you in your time of need, but what about when they are gone? Many people pass down heirloom jewelry in their wills to their family members and other loved ones. Even during grief, these heirlooms are a glimmer of who they were, and passing it along is a great idea.

Each piece of jewelry has to meet certain criteria to be considered an “heirloom,” like having real and rare stones. Heirlooms, for that reason, are incredibly valuable, both in sentiment and monetary value, especially when well-preserved. Should you leave heirloom jewelry to your children? Absolutely! Here are a few reasons why.

1. Sentimentality

It leaves them with a small piece of you. Many children have stories of playing with their mother’s favorite jewelry when they were younger, and they will remember you every time they see it.

2. Financial Gain

They hold financial value. When your loved ones inherit the heirlooms you leave behind, your priority might be less sentimental. Leaving behind this jewelry could be an inheritance for your children, helping them through times of monetary struggle as well.

3. Your Legacy

Jewelry teaches your children about your past. If you have heirlooms from your parents, grandparents, or older, they are just as much a part of your family history as photographs and letters. These keepsakes last through each generation, which means your child can tell the stories of how each piece came to them through you.

4. Milestone Events

Heirlooms are useful. Even with expensive pieces, heirloom jewelry can be the perfect accessory for anyone with an important event, like a wedding or graduation. Passing along your heirloom jewelry isn’t just about leaving your children with memories; it also gives them an accessory they can wear whenever they want to be close to you.

5. Future Generations

Your children can keep them for your grandchildren. If you pass with grandchildren to think about, leaving your jewelry to inherit ensures that you will always be a part of their lives. You let your memory live on, even for the great-grandchildren who have yet to be born.

6. Building Trust

You show your children that you trust them. If you inherited the heirlooms from your family members, you might’ve held onto them throughout your life, preserving them. Without you to protect each piece, they need a new owner, and your child will know how much you trust them to keep it safe.

7. A Lasting Gift

You give them one last gift. For some people, heirlooms are all they have left as they grow older without you. With no new memories to make, an heirloom could be a final surprise that reminds them of you.

Even broken jewelry means the world to the children you leave behind. Many companies offer affordable repair services for watches, jewelry, and even eyeglasses. As you look through the jewelry that will become their heirlooms, clean and repair them as needed to make them last a lifetime.