5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Summer Time

By admin

You just cannot ignore roof maintenance in the summertime. Many homeowners don’t feel the need for roof maintenance in any season when no snow or rain is falling on the roof. However, roofing is one of the most expensive things to be done in a home. It doesn’t require very frequent repairs but you should make it a routine to keep an eye on the roof as regularly as possible. This will help you in the prevention of big losses that might incur in the future. Without proper maintenance, the roof of your home has higher chances of becoming vulnerable to breakage and leakage. Hence, you must keep a regular check on the roof to know when it requires a service. 

Why is roof maintenance important?

Roof Maintenance is very important in every season. Many people think it is not as important to maintain the roof in the summer season but you must know that the summer storms are no less dangerous for your roof. Hence, it becomes better important for you to take care of your roof in the summertime. You might be wondering how to take proper care of your roof in the summer season. So, here are 5 very effective tips that can help you in proper maintenance of your roof in the summertime. Read below to know about these tips: 

Keep a check on your drains and gutters

 It is important to keep a check on your drains and gutters as regularly as possible. This is one of the most effective steps that you can take to maintain your roof for summertime. Several people keep cleaning their drains in the fall season to keep them keep from the leaf debris which is obvious to get accumulated. Your drains and gutters help in the direct flow of water from your roof and the entire home. If anything creates a blockage in this path, the water won’t be diverted efficiently, and thus, a blockage will be created. 

If there is an improper flow of water in your drains and gutters, it can lead to many issues which can be harmful to your roof. Blockage in the systems can cause paddling of water on the roof which can further lead to damage to the attic and the decking too. Apart from the blockage of the gutter, you must keep a check and make sure that the gutters are tight enough even in the months of very unfavourable weather. 

A loosely fixed gutter along with accumulated debris can lead to a very dangerous situation for the homeowner. Although drains might not seem to be a part of roof maintenance required in summer, they can largely influence your roof. The most effective way that you can rely upon for spotting problems is by searching for granules of shingles in your drains. This can be an alarming sign that your roof needs a renovation.

Trim the trees 

Eccentric patterns of weather are not a very rare thing at all. Storms can arise in any season. Even the storms that arise in the summer season can be dangerous for the roof of your home. When you are thinking about maintaining your roof in the summer season, an important thing to consider is trimming the trees that surround your roof. If there are too many trees around your home, you have to remove or trim them.

 Larger trees or even branches can be very destructive to your roof. Even in the winter season, the mass of snow can be harmful to the trees that surround your roof. By the beginning of summer, your trees might be a little compromised. Weak trees are very vulnerable to big storms. You can just trim the branches or remove any trees that appear a little lower. 

Checking vents 

Ventilation is an essential component that can keep your roof in proper condition. Before heading to the attic or roof for checking your vents, you can take a look at the per month utility cost. If there are major changes to the bill apart from the ordinary changes in weather, it might mean that something is wrong with the ventilation system of your home. Inefficient ventilation can be the reason behind a sudden spike in the electricity consumption of your home.

 If you are figure out the ventilation concerns when they are minor, they can be fixed before causing major damage to your roof. For doing the same, you just need to keep checking the metal stripping across the vents, chimney, or ridge. In a big storm, the stripping might come out if it is loose. Replacement of stripping is recommended before it becomes worse and causes leakage in your home. 

Look for mold or fungus 

While you are busy planning the roof maintenance for the summer season, you must look for mold or fungus because they are very dangerous. They cannot just be harmful to your roof but they can cause an equal amount of harm to those who stay in the house as they start penetrating the walls or roof of your home. 

Algae and fungus develop on zinc. Accumulation of moss on your roof can be eradicated but assure that you work with gloves. If you find out mold making its way into your roof, you shouldn’t try doing it by yourself. You should hire a professional service provider who can eradicate the mold from the roof with proper masks and uniforms. Mold can have severe health risks for people. 

Look for damage signs 

Now that summer arrives and the roof is clean, just dive upon your roof and search for signs of damage that might require a repair. You should keep checking for shingles that are missing from your window and other destructed areas on the roof. You just need to check any such which shows that your roof is not healthy. If you find problems that need minor repairs in the early period, it will prevent bigger troubles. Bigger problems are not just expensive but they can influence the interior part of your home too. A single leakage can cause big internal destruction to your roof. If you are not feeling comfortable on the roof, it is recommended that you hire a professional who can help you through. 

 You might not consider the replacement of your roof very frequently but you must take proper care of it. Your roof might appear that it is fine but when you take a closer look you might find concerns that require to be fixed as soon as possible. Checking the issues in their early period will be beneficial for both your budget and your home. Inspecting your roof will keep you warned about any further damages. It can also help you in spotting draining problems, mold, fungus, and all other issues. You must make sure to hire a professional who can offer efficient services and can ease out all the service requirements of your roof. Thus, you can try the above-mentioned tips to maintain your roof this summer.