How to Improve Your Home Without Impacting Your Children’s Online Learning

By admin

Home improvement projects are a great way to use the extra income you have been saving due to lockdowns. While some of these lockdowns are lifted, a number of people do not want to risk sending their children to school. Online learning is already difficult enough for some children that might need a bit more motivation. Home improvement projects are known to put the home in disrepair. The following are tips to help you allow your kids to learn online while home improvements are going on. 

Work in a Few Fun Locations 

The home renovation projects can be used as a time to work in unconventional places. This could be the beach or a park that has access to the internet. Teens might want to go to their favorite coffee shop or bookstore. Ask your kids where they would like to work as it can be fun to learn outside of the home. The weather might not always be amicable so take this into consideration as well. 

Request Shorter Projects to be Done on Weekends 

There are projects that will take a day or two to complete. Asking for this to be completed on the weekend might cost a little more due to labor costs. This can allow the family to get out of the house without impacting the education of your children. Not all projects will be able to be completed in a few days which is a reality you will have to deal with. Ask about estimated timeframes when asking contractors for renovations as this can give you a general idea of how long it will take. Bathtub refinishing is a great example of an improvement that can be done in a relatively short amount of time. 

Stay with Family During the Day 

Staying with family while the team is in the home is wise during the day. There is going to be noise that will distract everyone in the home due to the project. If you have family members in the local area, allowing your children to learn from there is an option. You might have trouble working remotely with the noise in the home as well so you have to consider getting your work done. Your children might have friends that have parents that do not mind if they learn from their house. You cannot let your children fall behind for a new bathroom or getting the kitchen redone when there are solutions available. 

Take a Trip (If You Trust Your Contractor)

Taking a trip when your home is undergoing a major renovation can nerve-racking. This is a great option if you have used this professional in the past and trust the quality of their work. A person that does flooring that you know personally would be a great example. Leaving the team in your home unattended for an extended period will require decent levels of trust. With technology today, you can get updates via pictures or videos in real-time. Staycations can be fun whether you stay at a rental with a pool or other amenities. This allows you to check on the status of the project when you please. 

Your home and children should be a priority along with your health at this time. Use the tips above to improve your home without sacrificing the education of your children.