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4 Types Of Divorce Alternatives

By Randall Johnson

Divorce, as any Spanish-speaking divorce attorney will attest, can be a tricky process with a number of possible legal, personal, and financial pitfalls. Among those potential perils is an intense strain placed on your bank accounts, peace of mind, and even your children. 

Because of the dread that divorce can elicit, many try to seek alternatives to the traditional, exhausting process. If you consider yourself of a similar mind, you’ll want to know about these other avenues you might be able explore before you rush head first into divorce proceedings.

Work With A Mediator

You might consider going with divorce mediation, where a neutral third party can help you and your spouse negotiate an agreement on the terms of your separation. This includes making a deal on how you will split your property, how you will share time with your children, how you will support those children financially, and many other details you’d traditionally have to fight out in a court.

There’s a possibility that mediation will provide a more peaceful and private alternative to litigating your divorce in public. There’s also the possibility that mediation will cost you less money in the long run and improve the chances you’ll have an amicable relationship with your (soon to be) ex-spouse. 

On the flipside, though, mediation might waste your time and money if you fail to come to an agreement. What’s more, if that third-party isn’t as neutral as you hoped, they might skew negotiations heavily toward your partner, so you’ll have to be ready to do your own due diligence.

Explore Separation

A legal separation will allow you and your spouse to live separately and apart. It will also put a hold on any sort of marital obligations you might have. Though you are still technically married (and cannot remarry until you finalize a divorce), this alternative allows some couples to work through issues that plagued their marriage, possibly reconciling down the line in favor of divorce.

Try A Collaborative Divorce

If you attempt a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will try to work out the terms of your divorce settlement before going to court and having that settlement finalized by a judge. Your attorneys will advise you in the negotiation process, and you might also have neutral third parties involved in the process, as with a mediation. If you and your spouse are capable of collaboration, this process might be faster and less expensive than traditional divorce.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Whatever you decide, be sure to avoid attempting to tackle all the elements of a divorce on your own. There are a great many intricacies to tackle, so it’s best to speak with someone, like an Oceanside divorce attorney, to help with the process and assist you with navigating those details in a way that puts your best interests at the forefront.