What You Need to Know About Divorce And The Military

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Getting a divorce can be extremely complicated depending on all of the factors involved. There are just some relationships that people enter into very quickly. Getting to know someone can take years into a marriage after dating for years. Living with each other more than a few nights a week can also take a toll on those that are reliant on their routine. The time that you might spend apart due to deployments or assignments can also cause stress in the relationship. The following are things you need to know about divorce in the military. 

Counseling Services Are Available

Working on a marriage is something that is essential to making the relationship work. The military presents different challenges like periods of time away from each other. Moving frequently is also something that can be stressful in a relationship. Talking to a marriage counselor can be very successful for a couple that has issues they are willing to work on. The one issue is that a couple might not be comfortable talking to a counselor provided by the military. There could be substance abuse issues that one or both parties want to keep private.

Contacting Legal Representation 

Finding a military divorce attorney does not have to be done on the military base. You won’t have to worry about paying for this attorney so money is not an issue. This is only for legal assistance attorneys that can not represent you in court though. There could be property distribution dispute which usually occurs in more contentious divorces. You want to make sure you get what you are entitled to in the divorce. 

State Laws Matter

Divorce proceedings can be delayed by a number of things. You might have to live in a state for a certain amount of time to file for divorce in that state. Military divorces might not be as cut and dry as traditional divorces. Getting the right attorney can help you set your divorce up if you have to play the waiting game for a few months. Deployments to certain areas that are hostile could lead to a delay as well. You might have to wait a bit longer for a military divorce which you need to consider. 

Child Custody Differs

There could be deployments that need to be included in the custody agreement. The important thing to note is that an ex that fails to pay child support in the military can be sanctioned. The pension of a military member can also be divided. The factors that make these cases different make it imperative to choose a law firm with relevant experience. There are cases where a person receives a 20-year pension where an ex could be entitled to full military benefits. The only caveat is that the spouse had to be with the military member for 20 years of service. 

A divorce can impact your career in the military positively as you can transfer anywhere you are offered to go. Marriages do not always work as the military lifestyle simply is not for everyone.