What do I Need to Apply to Saint Martin’s?

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At Saint Martin’s, there are different admission requirements depending on your student type. The current student types include undergraduate, continuing ed, and graduate. More so, previous students have the opportunity to apply for readmission by completing the readmit form.

The advantage with the university is that they don’t discriminate. Their educational programs, scholarships, policies, and loan programs are ideal for anyone, regardless of race, marital status, ethnic origin, creed, or sex. The university ensures that everyone enjoys their privileges, rights, activities, and programs without any bias.

Getting into Saint Martin’s

As an undergraduate, you have three options for getting into Saint Martin’s. The first is as a first-year student or applicant, the second is as a transfer applicant, and the last one is as an international applicant. As a first-year applicant, you need to complete the common application, also known as Saint Martin’s application.

You also must submit a personal essay and attach your sealed, official high school transcript. Another requirement is a letter of recommendation from a counselor or teacher and completing an optional ACT/SAT. A transfer student is anyone who has completed a college credit after their high school graduation.

In case you have completed 20 or lower credits, you can be evaluated as a first-year applicant, and you can also be qualified for first-year scholarships. Besides using the common application and submitting a personal essay, you will need official transcripts from the attended universities and colleges, official ACT/SAT scores, high school transcript, and military credits.

As an international applicant, you can either be a first-year applicant or a transfer applicant. As a first-year applicant, you need to complete the application, official high school transcripts, a copy of your passport, and proof of English language. As a transfer applicant, you must:

  • Complete Saint Martin’s online application
  • Official transcripts of all attended universities and colleges
  • An official evaluation of your university and college course work
  • Course by course evaluation if you want credit transfer
  • Official English translation of any transcript that’s not in English
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of English proficiency

Saint Martin’s Graduate Application

The university accepts applications from both international and domestic graduate students. These applications are accepted throughout the year, but all students should consider meeting the deadlines depending on their programs. That’s crucial, especially for students who would like to apply for scholarships, financial aid, and assistantships.

All US and international residents should complete a master’s or Ph.D. application, have an official transcript from previous universities and colleges, provide an updated resume, two recommendation letters and a professional reference with contact information, and lastly, a personal statement.

Additionally, the international students must submit a $50 graduate application fee plus a non-refundable $100 international services fee. Besides this, they ought to send all their official transcripts from previous universities and colleges, an official evaluation of their university course work, proof of finances, a copy of your passport, proof of English proficiency, and English translation for any transcripts that aren’t in English.