Various Career Paths For Vets After Discharge

By admin

The lessons learned in the military are not all needed after discharge but there are valuable ones that can be learned. The military often times supports any solider trying to improve themselves whether it is physically or in an educational manner. The fact that you will be able to attend college for free makes it that much more important to get the most out of the military possible. There are different career paths that many veterans excel from the medical field to technology. The following are careers to look into as well as skills that make a good fit for a veteran after discharge.

Maritime Careers

Spending a lot of time on the water or at sea for month at a time can earn a pretty paycheck. There are plenty of different jobs that can be done in the maritime industry including working on an oil rig or on a commercial fishing boat. There are also positions in shipping and transport that pay for those qualified to work on the boat well. Those in the Navy are obviously going to have an advantage when it comes to being on the water so a maritime career is a common path Navy vets commonly venture down. Accident do happen in these types of jobs though so consulting an attorney for maritime injuries is quite wise. You do not want your family to be financially liable due to the negligence of someone else.

Private Security

The training that many get in the military is second to none and no other civilian job could get a person as prepared as a person that has completed their military service. Private security can be in many areas whether it is doing security for a high end client or for a business that sells expensive items. These jobs do vary in pay though so trying to work your way up in the security world is important. Military service is seen as one of the best resume points in security as the business understands you know how to handle yourself as well as follow directions.

Sales Careers For The Highly Motivated And Persistent

There are those people that simply are always motivated and extremely persistent Over the course of time this type of person can turn into a juggernaut of a salesperson if they can find a way to relate with variety sales prospects. Those people that have traveled for the military and have other life experiences are perfect for this. One point of common ground can be enough for a potential customer to trust the salesperson just enough to purchase a service or product.

Working In Logistics

Working in logistics whether it is shipping or event logistics can be perfect for someone that handled logistics in the military. Being able to plan out the transport of something at the lowest price at the quickest rate is something that not everyone has the ability to do. Take time to look into logistics as a career path as you might find something that fits you perfectly.

Veterans should have no issue finding employment with persistence but make sure that you are utilizing all resources possible. The fact that you are a vet does not mean you will automatically be offered a job over a lifelong civilian.