VA Members Are One Step Closer To Better Understanding And Accessing Medical Records

By admin

Members can now connect to their medical records with the Veteran’s Administration (VA), Medicare, and thousands of other medical providers, putting them one giant step closer to better understanding and accessing their health picture.  This is being made possible through a   defined relationship with DrOwl, a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform built on patented technology. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs has connected to the DrOwl platform to better serve the military community by giving service members and veterans free access to their VA records.  This is especially important since several studies have estimated that up to seventy percent of medical records may potentially contain errors.  

Mistakes in medical records can lead to incorrect diagnoses and treatments, which can be potentially harmful to one’s health.  Providers use an individual’s medical history as the basis for making an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  Because the DrOwl platform enables patients to better understand their medical records, while giving them an opportunity, in real time, to identify potential errors they need to discuss with their providers.

“Healthcare is personal,” said Arvind Raichur, CEO and Co-Founder, DrOwl.  “No one knows someone’s health history better than the patient themself.  By offering Veterans and their families a better way to manage their healthcare needs, we are not only giving back to them, but also supporting them when it matters most.”

DrOwl leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning in their platform to create a personalized Patient Portal, including physician-curated research.  By making records both accessible and understandable, DrOwl is doing something that hasn’t been seen in the VA before.  Patients, family members, and their care teams can now see a clearer picture of their loved one’s health.  This is just one way the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is proactively helping improve care.  With this much detail in the app, one would think it would be somewhat overwhelming.  Instead, it was designed for ease of use with everything written in easy-to-understand language so that people can better understand the contents of their medical records, which can help lead to better care decisions and outcomes.

“Setting up DrOwl was easy, as was establishing the connection to the VA,” said Tim Quinn, a Navy Veteran from Louisiana who served in Iraq.  “The DrOwl app brought in a very large amount of information and with the personal search engine, I am able to better understand my health. I highly recommend this app for any service members who want to know what their records say about them.”
Once inside the app, users can quickly and easily access their medical records, share information, and utilize their records in infinite ways.  Effective immediately, all VA members can personally download their health records for free.  By aggregating medical records from multiple sources and creating one secure, unified health record, DrOwl provides a more enhanced view of one’s medical records in a much more digestible format. That, simply put, is one smart document.  There is a wealth of information available about this program for anyone who wants to learn more at