Training to be a Plumber While Serving Your Country

By jacob

Secure job positions are rare. The job world is evolving fast, and there is less loyalty among owners and their workers. There was a time when a worker was a vital cog in a business’s operation, but in many cases today, owners never even meet the employees that they hire.

Employees are also quick to change positions, jumping from one job to the next to secure higher pay and benefits.

Military members that serve their country need to think about their future. Entering the workforce after leaving the military is difficult. You’re transitioning back into being a civilian, and in many cases, the skills learned in the military aren’t enough to guarantee that you’ll get the job.

But you can train to offer HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) while you serve the country.

Plumber (12K) Career Option

The army requires you to install and repair plumbing and pipe systems. These systems are vital in the military, and you’ll be able to pursue this career if you fit into the following classifications:

  • Army reserve
  • Active duty
  • Enlisted

Entry-level, this career allows workers to enter a high-paced field that has ample opportunities due to a gap in the workforce. You’ll also need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.

These series of tests will help you identify which job is the best for you based off of your own personal strengths.

When it comes to training, you’ll go through a rapid course that takes place after:

  • Basic Combat Training (10 weeks)
  • Advanced Individual Training (7 weeks)

All personnel that are accepted into the program will have to spend time in the classroom and in the field, too. There’s extensive on-the-job training and instruction offered, and this will include learning the basics of masonry and carpentry.

Skills that you’ll learn during your training include:

  • Pneumatic system maintenance and repair
  • Distillation system installation and repair
  • Boiler control installation and repair
  • Fixture installation and repair
  • Purification system installation and repair
  • Pipe system installation and repair

These skills will be learned in a real-world environment, and they will allow the enrollee to enter into the home services or plumbing field while being enlisted. When the individual goes back to civilian life, they will have transferrable skills that will allow them to compete for jobs as a civilian.

The entire program, which there are other options to pick from, will also include the partnership for your youth success program. What this program offers is the ability to interview with military-friendly employers that are looking for trained veterans to fill their ranks.

Some of the biggest companies in the world have partnered with the military, including Hewlett-Packard and AT&T.

Go Army has full instructions on how to become a plumber while serving your country. There are also other programs of interest, such as a utilities equipment repairer, allied trade specialist and an interior electrician.

All of these fields are in high demand, and entering them will provide you with long-term job security and a trade that will allow for improvement, too.