generative ai in marketing

The Use of Generative AI in Marketing

By Brian Wallace

Generative AI, a relatively new sector, is taking the business and marketing sector to new lengths and depths. Including helping businesses increase productivity. The use of AI has doubled in the past five years, emphasizing its growing use in marketing and business. Generative AI, which takes old content and generates it into iterations of new content, is providing businesses with new forms of marketing materials. These include new videos, codes, texts, and simulations. 

Numerous business sectors have developed generative AI in their marketing. These business sectors include legal/ professional services, financial services, and pharmacy/ healthcare. The goal of adapting AI marketing strategies is to solve old problems and create new content. 

Some ways that companies have used generative AI in their marketing are through customer service routing, service chatbots, and fraud detection, among others. BARD, DALL-E, and ChatGBT are just a few examples of generative AI in marketing, others can be seen in the infographic below:

Experts have noted the success that generative AI can generate in business and marketing. They have noted that its use will continue to increase and marketing will begin to shift. This is even seen today as there is a 22% greater reliance on AI marketing automation. Further, more small businesses have adopted AI tools for marketing. 

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing
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