Problems Veterans Can Face When They Get Home From Being Deployed

By admin

Unfortunately for veterans coming home from being deployed home life can come with its own problems. These problems can come crashing down right after returning home or there will be a small amount of time until the issues start arising. The best thing that can be done is to react to certain situations in a positive manner using them as a learning experience. The following are problems that veterans get home from being deployed.


Coming home with post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the worst things that can happen to a veteran besides that of being seriously injured. Unlike a physical injury PTSD might never be cured or you might never fully recover from a mental perspective. You need to take care of yourself in a mental sense and avoid certain triggers that could put you into an episode. Therapy can help you work through some issues as well as help you identify triggers which is half of the battle.

Hurt In Car Accident

Being hurt in a car accident and being injured after being deployed can be extremely frustrating. Finding the right personal injury attorney can allow you to be compensated for your time and suffering. These attorneys vary in quality with some settling on the first offer while others are willing to fight so you get the maximum settlement possible. Take the time to ask a few law firms for case results to see if they serve their clients up to your expectations. Those not willing to allow you to see these should  be avoided as they might not want you to see that they did not represent their client to the best of their ability.

Mismanagement Of Money

There is a chance that your significant other can mismanage money while you are away. Deployment pay is higher than regular pay but coming home to a financial mess can be extremely stressful. To prevent this in the future it is important to check on the finances regularly when deployed and set a realistic budget. If your significant other still cannot follow this they need to be taken off of the account as their decisions are impacting your quality of life negatively. While deployed you might have limited internet access but this does not mean you cannot plan for certain amounts of money to be available at certain times of the month to handle the bills.

Relationship Issues

There are some relationships that thrive when one person is out of town as long distance relationships are romanticized by some. Before you deploy again you are going to need to try to fix your relationship before embarking overseas for another 6 months to a year. This is going to take clear communication and talking about certain issues that might be tough. Find a therapist that you are both comfortable with as this could be the last chance for the relationship to succeed. Family counseling can also be a huge help if your children are having trouble with you being deployed frequently.

As you can see there can be issues when you return from overseas. Deal with these things appropriately and be proactive about preventing what you can to be as happy as possible when you return home.