Keeping Your Children Active During Periods of Self-Isolation or Home Learning

By admin

This year has been challenging for most of us. You may have already spent periods in self-isolation, or homeschooling your children if their school has been closed, or their class has been sent home due to an outbreak. Being at home so much can be difficult, especially if you have children. While home education can prove tough, many people have actually found staying active more of a challenge. If left to their own devices, you might find that your children want to spend the entire period sat watching TV, playing on their games consoles, or chatting to friends online. 

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But, staying active is important. Keeping up with exercise can boost everyone’s mental health, help you all to relax, and give you a great chance to boost your immune systems, making it easier to stay healthy at this time. Failing to stay active can mean that you and your children struggle to sleep, cabin fever sets in, and everyone grows more agitated. So, how can you encourage activity when the appeal of the internet is so tempting?

Get Online

Many schools are offering online PE classes that children can follow along with at home. While this isn’t quite the same as a full lesson at school, online physical education has many advantages and can be a great way to keep your children active, without having to run a class or come up with a routine yourself. 

If your school isn’t offering any classes on apps like Zoom, there are plenty of kids’ workouts on YouTube. Kids’ HIIT workouts and dance routines are great for burning off some extra energy, but if your children are feeling stressed or anxious, Yoga and other relaxing exercises might be more beneficial.  If your kids aren’t keen, try joining in as a family. 

Enjoy Your Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, make the most of it. Wrap everyone up warm, and spend some time outdoors, running around, playing catch and other games, and even tidying up. You might want to limit the amount of time you spend outside when it’s cold, but even 10 minutes here and there can be beneficial. 

Put Some Music On

Younger children especially might enjoy dancing around the house to some of their favorite songs. This is a fantastic way to get their blood pumping and burn energy while having some fun. 

Make a Den

Building a den might not seem particularly energetic, but hunting around for supplies, moving furniture, and getting everything in place can take some effort. You could also create a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt to get them moving around your house and garden. 

Play Hide and Seek

Younger children can enjoy a game of hide and seek in the house or garden, even with limited places to hide. 

Remember, all movement counts. While online PE classes, dancing, and anything else that gets your heart beating faster is the best kind of workout, any movement is physical activity. Walking around the house, stretching out with a relaxing yoga routine, and playing catch in the garden are all better than spending a whole day sitting on the couch.