Issues of Modern Cybersecurity

By admin

Modern cybersecurity has been a back and forth battle between attack and defense. Malware, ransomware, these advance and become more complex and antiviruses evolve right alongside them. For the most part this process has existed in equilibrium. While cyber attacks are, to some extent, inevitable, there were solid tools to keep them at bay.

Recently there has been a shift in this paradigm. Today 79% of organizations are struggling to detect threats. More specifically, to detect threats that are encrypted. 70% of networks today are encrypted, 90% of web traffic is just the same. While this has been great for security and a powerful tool for defenders. Attacks made through encrypted networks are much more challenging than typical malware.

This is because there are far less tools and far less data to draw from when an attack is encrypted. The tools needed are different than before. Now what is important is identifying any abnormal traffic, having active alerts, and comprehensive monitoring. The breach period between when a malware infects and starts to take effect is dropping. This means catching an attack preemptively is key. 

Luckily, defenders know this just as well as attackers. While many security solutions of the past are becoming outdated, there are replacements. New services use predictive AI intelligence, faster systems, and active alert systems. While new issues arrive everyday, new solutions come up not long after. The key to staying safe in the modern hyperspace is awareness, both of the issues and the solutions.

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