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Increasing Your Company Cloud Monitoring

By Brian Wallace

Businesses rely on cloud tools now more than ever. 48% store their most sensitive data on the cloud, and 92% of businesses use more than one cloud system. This can lead to a lack of visibility across the various cloud operations which can be detrimental especially when sensitive information is involved. 

Modern cloud tools don’t deliver an end-to-end picture, and monitoring tools that are marketed to help create a clearer picture usually only focus on one specific service. This means data teams are forced to gather, prep, and analyze a major amount of data, and things like security breaches or app malfunctions can slip through the cracks.

Implementing advanced monitoring solutions can help to solve some of the most pressing problems businesses face regarding their cloud security. Advanced systems can eliminate visibility gaps and result in 50% fewer end-user device security incidents. Advanced monitoring can also help to cut down costs for business wonders. By implementing multiple tools for various cloud services, businesses can spend thousands, and 30% of those costs are wasted. Good monitoring can expose utilization and cut down on costs.

Cloud monitoring is one of the most important aspects in keeping a businesses private information secure. Stop wasting money on tools that are only doing half the job for your company. To learn more about advanced monitoring tools, take a look at the infographic below:

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action