How to Remodel an Old Home

By admin

Old homes are beautiful. They have a timeless look. Their internal architecture is often more pleasing, whether it’s the small Victorian rooms or the sculpted doorways of a bungalow. If you’ve fallen in love with an old house and want to renovate it, there are a few common problems you should be aware of.

You might love the history of your home, or its solid oak doors and paneling. While they made some things better a long time ago, they also made things differently. You’ll run into all kinds of weird issues as your renovate, so keep them in mind as you budget and strategize.

Outdated Heating System

If your home is very old, you may be stuck with radiator heat, or even fireplaces. You certainly won’t have a central AC system. If you don’t want to live with heating methods from the 1920s, you can have HVAC services remodel your entire home, installing heating and air conditioning that moves throughout your house.

Outdated Electricity

If your home’s electrical wiring hasn’t been updated, you’ll need to get it checked out. Old electrical wiring can’t handle modern appliances like a hairdryer or a blender, so you could blow a fuse just by making breakfast in the morning. Old electrical wiring is also unsafe, and you legally need to bring it up to code.

Outdated Plumbing

Old pipes might shiver and thump within your walls, but you have more than noise to worry about. Old pipes corrode easily and clog more often than modern pipes. It’s not terribly expensive to have your pipes replaced, but it is an added cost you’ll need to consider as you remodel.

Lead and Asbestos

Buildings were once built with materials we now know are toxic. Lead paint and asbestos insulation can be a serious hazard for your family’s health. You can test for lead paint yourself, but anything else will need to get checked out by a professional. If you plan to disturb your walls or your pipes, you’ll need to get these materials sealed or removed.

Awkward Layout

What might have worked well in 1910 is no longer relevant, and that also applies to a home’s layout. You likely thrive on the architecture of your home, but certain rooms may need a makeover. If you want to take the parlor and the first floor bedroom and expand them into a single living room, you’ll need to hire a New Jersey construction company to transform your space.

Renovating an older home can be intensely rewarding. Not only will your home have more personality, it will also be more personal to you. After all, you updated it and got it back to a livable standard. You can thank both history and yourself for the beauty of your home, since your hard work and investment brought this gem of architecture back to the modern world. A home renovation takes time and money, but the reward is great. If you want to see an old home restored, it could be a passion project you enjoy for a lifetime.