How to Clone Marijuana Plants

By Digital Team

Cloning is the process of making a replica of the exact living plant. The process is done by taking a branch or cutting off the living plant and then allowing it to root to form a new plant. This same procedure can be followed to clone many plants, but in this article, we will be discussing the cloning of marijuana plants. People usually clone plants because the process is fast and does not require growing the plant from seed from the initial which is time-consuming. 

Cloning of male marijuana plants is done generally for breeding purposes and is quite famous as the process is practical and useful to many. Below is our guide on weed clones, which is a step by step process of cloning marijuana plants.

Step 1:

The first step will require you to fill a bucket and then add a teaspoon of aloe to it. Once mixed, the soil media can be inserted in the water. It is always advised to use the root riot to help achieve the best results. There are also many different ways you can carry out cloning.

Step 2:

Place the cuttings in a jar containing water before inserting it in the soil media. Take a scissor and get ready to cut the stems that are placed in the jars with water. Take the stems and cut the lower part of the plant for cloning. It is advised to cut the plant as close to the central stalk for the best results. While carrying out this process, make sure you choose healthy stems to support the cloning process and prevent it from breaking down.

Step 3:

Once cut, the stem contains very few leaves and a single branch left on it. By doing this, the plant is focused more in the root segment than the leaves. Once this is done, the soil media needs to be adequately shaken to ensure the soil media is fully prepared. Once you have determined that the soil media is ready, take the plant and shave off the woody outer layer and dip it in the soil media. Also, ensure that the plant is inserted well inside the soil media for the best results.

Ensure the stem is as thin as possible as a fat stem might cause several problems during the cloning process which can be difficult to correct.

Step 4:

This is the last step and requires a certain element of caution. Once the plant is in the soil media, place the tray under the light or near the window where there is excess light during the day. If everything is done correctly, after a few days, you will see roots coming out of the soil media, which is a good sign. This is the time when you can begin transplanting the clones in the soil.


The method stated above is very straightforward and can be tried at home too. Ensure there is enough sunlight to aid the growing process of the plant. Cloning of marijuana or any other plants is very simple, and if done the right way, results are visible in a few days.