How to Ask for a Military Discount

By admin

Military members and their family deserve a discount. Servicemembers put their lives on the line on a daily basis. When it comes to their families, spouses and children often live on a limited income, and if deployed, they may live in a constant state of fear that their loved one won’t make it back home.

Every bit of financial security counts to service members.

Companies are offering military discounts to their clients and customers to show appreciation for veterans that sacrificed years of their lives for the country.

Veterans appreciate the gesture and often become a long-term customer as a result. It’s a benefit that helps all parties involved. When military discounts are offered, there is one problem: no standard in discount eligibility.

Companies aren’t required to offer a discount, and one company may require identification while others may ask for some proof of service for a veteran. If you’re seeking military discounts but aren’t sure how the process works, I’m going to explain everything to you so that you can secure a discount even if it’s a hidden discount.

Eligibility Requirements for Discounts

Every business has its own requirements for discounts, but there are a few general requirements. Military members also need to understand one important rule: discounts are not required.

A business doesn’t need to offer you a discount, so if they say “no,” don’t be offended or give the business slack for its decision.

Companies may offer discounts for:

  • Military veterans
  • Active military members
  • Reserve or guard members
  • Military dependents

If you find that you’re eligible for a discount, you’ll often need some form of ID, which may include a military ID.

Asking for and Finding Discounts

Oftentimes, you’ll need to ask for a discount rather than being offered a discount. Businesses need to make their money, too, so they’ll often wait for you to ask for a discount before offering it.

Hidden discounts are everywhere.

Some stores are open about their discounts, while others never publicize them.

You’ll want to ask for a discount. This needs to be done before the service is rendered, but it’s rather simple. Ask about the price of the product or service, and then simply ask “are you offering any military discounts at this time?”

If you’re using an online portal, you can do this, too. For example, Lonestar Trenchless offers an easy way to request a quote, so when contacting the company for a quote, it’s acceptable to ask if they offer any military discounts. The worst that the company can say is “no.”

Military holidays are also a great time to ask for a discount. Why? Many companies are offering discounts on these holidays, or maybe they didn’t even think of the gesture until you inquired about it.

Large organizations and businesses have a more open military benefit or discount, such as:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Universal
  • Auto insurers

Brad’s offers a great list of all the companies that are offering discounts to military members, veterans or their families. Keep in mind that local businesses may also offer these discounts, but you’ll need to inquire about the discount yourself.