How A Mother Can Succeed During International Business Travel

By admin

Mothers that have to travel internationally for work have a tough challenge when it comes to balancing family time and work obligations. Although this is a challenge it is more than possible but it will take great organization. Mothers that thrive in huge meetings with clients or prospects are on the fast track to upper management. At some point a promotion will occur that might leave more time for the family as it will require less travel. Take a proactive approach when it comes to international business trips to make them a success time after time. Below are some tips on how you can succeed during business travel.

Understand Business Customs

Understand the business customs in the location that you are traveling to. In some countries refusing a cup of tea can be seen as an insult and can ruin the rest of the meeting. In countries like Germany they are very strict on being on time as it can be seen as rude to show up late. In many other countries a meeting time is just a general time to meet with quite a bit of flexibility. Take a look online to see if there are any customs that you should be aware of before embarking on the business trip.

Take Your Teen or Significant Other To Certain Locations

Being away from home can be tough so take a teen or significant other on one of these trips. If you have an anniversary during one of your trips find someone to watch the kids like grandparents and travel together. This can be a great way to rekindle the relationship and have some time to yourselves. Teens have quite a few vacations from school whether it is summer, spring, or winter break. Take your teen to show them another part of the world on a trip that they will surely be happy you two took together.

Set Up Multiple Meetings With Current/Potential Clients

Most business trips are to meet with a potential sale or client but then have quite a bit of downtime. Schedule meetings with other companies and close extra sales to the amazement of management when you arrive home. At the very least it will give you extra practice before and after the meeting you are there to attend. In some cultures you will need some practice to understand the way negotiations take place as well as how interest is showed by a potential client.

Look Up Travel Restrictions and Local Laws

There are going to be travel restrictions and issues at customs if you do not have your passport up to date. Some countries require that you need to have a passport that is over 6 months from the expiration date to be allowed in the country. If you lose a passport then you need to know how much it costs to get a passport then apply for one immediately. Local laws are important to research as well as there are countries where you might not have the same rights as a woman that you have in the US.

As you can see taking your next international business trip and winning sales, client relationships, and having fun can happen with every trip. This will just take careful planning as well as research on your part, good luck!