Harnessing the Power of Quality Surveys for Informed Decisions

By Brian Wallace

Designing quality surveys demands a thorough and strategic approach, with the objective of extracting powerful insights for businesses, investors, and consultants. To start this journey, one must engage in a meticulous planning and scoping phase, defining the survey’s objectives and questions. Incorporating the five Ws – Why, What, Who, When, and Where – provides a robust framework for this stage. Next, the authoring and creating phase necessitates the construction of unbiased and clear-cut questions, avoiding leading, loaded, and double-barreled inquiries.

The execution and fielding phase is crucial, as it assesses the survey’s functionality and commences the collection of responses. IncQuery plays a vital role here, offering datasets with built-in filters and crosscuts for an early analysis head start. After data collection, the analysis and reporting phase transforms the gathered information into actionable insights. Visualization tools like line charts, bar graphs, and pie charts become indispensable in interpreting the data. IncQuery further simplifies this process by providing analysis-ready Excel exports.

Survey management is the final stage in survey design. Options range from self-managed surveys, requiring expertise but offering control, to more supported methods like asynchronous programming. IncQuery stands out, offering a balanced blend of control and support, eliminating the need for extensive coding knowledge. This unique approach ensures a streamlined survey process, allowing businesses to focus on their strengths and make well-informed decisions that satisfy stakeholders and drive success.

Design Surveys to Make Better Business Decisions