Executive Joseph Jedlowski

Executive Joe Jedlowski: How I Overcame Obstacles To Achieve My Dream Career

By Chris Turn

Joseph Jedlowski is an accomplished CEO and has owned multiple businesses throughout his career. Thankfully for us, he also loves giving out advice and mentoring entrepreneurs and others that are trying to improve their lives. 

I reached out to Joseph Jedlowski for an interview. I wanted to hear about some of his obstacles and struggles and inquire into how he overcame them. He agreed to the interview, and here’s how that went!

What were some of the obstacles you’ve faced that you believe many others will face regardless of their career? 

There will always be people at the top closing doors or dead ends that you really wish were not dead ends. That’s just how the world works. 

Sometimes there will be favorites, and the people who deserve that promotion won’t get it. There are also financial obstacles in some cases, which can make it hard for people to get the knowledge they require for their careers. 

I think those are a couple of the obstacles just about everyone will face when pursuing something major in their life. 

How do you overcome some of these obstacles? 

Well, for the first point, if doors are closed for you at one job, don’t be afraid to switch companies. Doors will open up a lot faster for those willing to move around. 

Not only that, but salaries will increase greatly. I always encourage people to interview a few times a year, even if they love their job. This will keep your interviewing skills sharp in case of an emergency, but you’d also be surprised what people are willing to offer you.

I recommend researching and asking around for financial barriers to finding out what you can learn without a formal education. Depending on the industry, you may be able to land a career just through experience and self-learning. 

What steps could someone take right now toward achieving their dream career or their goals? 

Start learning. Plain and simple, that’s the quickest path towards success. Learn every single day. 

Dedicate your life to it. If something is your dream career, then you have to give everything you have to it. Instead of watching a movie, football game, or playing video games, learn more. 

What would it be if you had to choose any skill that everyone could benefit from learning and improving on?

Time management will always be a crucial skill for any career. This goes almost quadruple if you’re working towards being an entrepreneur of some kind. 

Especially at the beginning of your career, you’re going to have to juggle so many things if you want to succeed. This means dedicating the right amount of time to each task, staying on schedule, and staying organized. 

Do you have any advice for finding motivation? Have you ever faced burnout? How’d you get through it? 

I believe almost everyone will experience burnout at some point in their career, no matter how much they enjoy their job. This is especially true if you’re not yet in the career you want to be in. 

I believe that routine will beat out motivation every single time. Do what is on your schedule every single day, especially the days you do not want to. After a few months, things will become as second nature as taking a shower in the morning.